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Get aligned with industry’s leading Cloud Automation Solution!

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Whats New!

MachPanel’s latest build rolls out several new features, functionality enhancements and more 3rd party integrations. Below listed are some of the major highlights:

   -  WHMCS Integration
   -  MachPanel Lync Service API
   -  ADSync 2.0
   -  Granular Controls
   -  Usability Enhancements etc.

WHMCS integration with MachPanel was requested frequently so here it goes live with MachPanel v.5.1. Yet more, in the recent build, MachPanel Lync API is also announced at a detailed level that can help better Lync service provisioning and management. Furthermore, granular controls help service providers and resellers to hide/show more techy functionality and features of the control panel to their customers for the sake of simplicity or better management. Additionally, ADSync 2.0 is rolled out with more features and functionality improvement.

Why MachPanel?

Get aligned with industry’s leading cloud automation solution – the MachPanel because it is:

   -  Cost Effective Cloud Automation Solution
   -  360° View of Business Operations
   -  Next Generation Fully White Labeled Unified Control Panel
   -  Increased Revenue and Decreased Cost
   -  24×7 Worry Free Experience
   -  Free Upgrades and Maintenance
   -  Competitive Edge on Latest Technology Support
   -  Personal Account Manager and Product Training
   -  No Hidden Cost or No Long-Term Agreement
   -  Turn-key Assistance by Microsoft Technology Experts

Sign up to get latest automation solution in the industry and leave the competition far behind. Have Questions? Email us at:

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External DNS and Certificates Planning for Lync 2010 as Hosting Service

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Microsoft released Lync Multi-Tenant Pack for hosting providers to offer Lync as a hosting service. Even before this pack, many companies were already offering Lync and OCS as hosting services to SMBs. The deployment guide for Multi-Tenant pack states to add few SAN entries for each new domain. If you try to login without adding SAN entry for the domain, login fails! This means that with every new customer, you will have to update your certificates, pay for any new SAN entries and then reassign the certificates. This does not seem to be a good idea in terms of cost and ease of provisioning a new tenant.

So, to help out those who are planning to offer Lync as a hosting service or those who already are, I suggest planning DNS and certificates as following:

Meet URL configuration:

For every hosted domain you will need meet URLs. These URLs are used to schedule online meetings. I would recommend first reading this article: Planning for Simple URL. For a hosting company, Option 3 mentioned in this article is best choice. Format for meet URL as per Option is:

Where is Provider’s domain and contosoSIPdomain and fabrikamSIPdomain are hosted domains. Following this format will minimize DNS and certificate requirements.

DNS for Hosted Domain:

External DNS and Certificates Planning for Lync 2010 as Hosting ServiceIf you have followed Option 3 for meet URL, you now only need three DNS records for every hosted organization. Frist one for client auto configuration; an SRV record _sip._tls.<hosteddomain> pointing to sip.<providerdomain>. Second, for federation; an SRV record _sipfederationtls._tcp.<hosteddomain> pointing to sip.<providerdomain>. Third one is for Lync Mobile Clients: ‘A’ record lyncdiscover.<hosteddomain> pointing to MCX Server.

Using such planning, there will be no need to update and reapply certificates. However, clients will display a pop up window while logging in, informing that you are being redirected to another server:

At this point user should check the box ‘Always trust this server’ (after seeing the certificate details and making sure that this is indeed service provider’s server).

Apart from being cost effective and easy, another advantage is that, if you expand the Certificate Details, your hosted organizations will not be exposed!

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