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How Important is your Email?

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
The question in subject is quite critical in nature if you are an individual engaged in your business and heavily relying upon your email, if you are a corporate executive than you would definitely be keen to have all of your company’s email encapsulated with tight security measures. But, how would you do that? Would you go for freely available mailing solutions? Or would you choose secure and robust email solution? Would you be interested to host your emails with someone/some company or be interested to host your emails within your company’s assets?

Numerous questions can be envisioned and it all depends upon your choice and if you know how risky would it be if your emails are leaked or hosted somewhere where security theft may breach your organizational privacy, you might face a terrific situation. At the same time, you may come across different solutions too! You can choose freely available services of any email hosting provider or you may approach some professional company offering hosted solutions – might be a reseller. Or the best what you can do is to host your emails within your organization and enforce as much security measures as you can; since you would have complete command and control. All what you would need is to have Microsoft Exchange server deployed within your organization or you can rent it out from a vendor and have an Exchange control panel on top of it to manage your emails. To accomplish this, you may require some professional services or guidance which could help you save time and retain your security and privacy concerns intact.


MachPanel – Support for Exchange 2010 SP1 Hosting Switch

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 was rolled to be a robust corporate email solution with reliability and better user experience but later in 2010, service pack 1 (SP1) was released with several enhancements including increased protection, improved user experience and flexibility. Some of the new features and highlight of Exchange 2010 SP1 are following.Exchange 2010 SP1

  • – Roles selection and installation during deployment
  • – Improvement in CAS (Client Access Server)
    • – Self-Signed Certificates
    • – Exchange Sync
    • – OWA Enhancements
    • – Reset Virtual Directory
    • – Client Throttling Polices
    • -E tc.
    – Permissions and Transport Functionality Enhancements – Unified Messaging Serve Role Improvements – Multi-Tenancy Support

    If you look at older versions of Exchange like Exchange 2003, that was purely for organizational use that is technically On-Premises flavor of Exchange and similarly, Exchange 2007 too. But, with MachPanel each version of Exchange can be fully segregated in order to exploit advantages of multi-tenancy. Furthermore, the release of Exchange 2010 which was once again aimed at organizational use i.e On-Premises can be fully used as multi-tenant flavor of Exchange via MachPanel. So, what this mean to you; if you are using Exchange 2010 and you need to manage it with a lot comfort via user friendly interface you need to have a control panel in place either you have deployed Exchange On-Premises or seeking multi-tenancy within organizational deployment.
    Later on, the release of Exchange 2010 SP1 made the life of hosters a lot easier who sell Hosted Exchange because Microsoft shipped it with default multi-tenancy feature via Hosting Switch or Hosting Mode. The enhancements shipped in SP1, may require you to change and manage a lot of aspect if you are selling hosted Exchange or on-premises flavor. However, with MachPanel you would have nothing to do except making clicks in order to manage and control. MachPanel, not only provisions Exchange 2010 On-Premises but with Hosting Mode enabled or using Hosting Switch with complete support of multi-tenancy and new features introduced by Exchange 2010 SP1 and allows you to enjoy extensive flexibility, reliability, management, compliance and security.


MachSol Inc. Introduces Exchange 2010 Support

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Yorba Linda, California – February 18, 2010 – MachSol Inc. the developer of  MachPanel an emerging leader of SaaS enabled Hosted Services Delivery Platform, appreciates its customers for showing faith in us and making us the premium Hosting Control Panel. In our continuous endeavor for giving our clients the best, we are glad to announce that our new build is available, through which we become one of the first Control Panel supporting Exchange 2010.

Latest release also addresses bug fixes alongside performance improvements and new features, to name a few are:


MachPanel v.4.1 BUILD 12, Now Available!

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Dear Customer,

At MachSol Inc, we value our customers and keep on contributing to their business success by continually improving the MachPanel Provisioning System through introduction of new builds and releases. We are glad to announce that Exchange 2010 is now supported in our latest MachPanel v.4.1 Build 12 which also addresses bug fixes alongside performance improvements. Some of the highlights of new build are:

– Provision for Exchange 2010 Server Groups.

– Intelligent segregation through automated configuration of segregation steps.