Unfolding “CRM Insight View” Utility

MachSol Inc. offers special CRM utility that will enhance overall access level information visibility related to complete business cycle entities including lead, account and contacts.

Dynamic CRM Insight View Utility

CRM Insight View – Utility at a Glance!

MachSol’s new value-added utility CRM Insight View, allows you to easily find the Microsoft Dynamics CRM information you need. With CRM Insight View, you can view all the information from lead, account or contact on one screen with their open activities and history.

Not only you can view open and closed activities at glance in the powerful reading pane, in short you can view everything related to each record. This CRM Insight View utility will slash navigation time and makes available all the information for an account simple and efficient.

Feature Highlights

Main features of this utility are highlighted as under:

1. CRM Insight View: Easily view all information related to lead, account and contact on one screen.
2. Powerful Reading Pane: Powerful side bar reading pane allows you to read information without opening additional windows (form).
3. Simple & effective navigation: Reduce the number of clicks and open screens to simplify navigation.
4. Filtering: Filtered sort and search on all related records from one view.

Additionally, you can open or create related records from one view as well. This is really outstanding! A glimpse of the utility is presented in the figure.

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