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Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2 and Address Book Policies (ABP)

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Exchange 2010 SP2 and Address book policies

Exchange 2010 SP2 comes with a solution for something that has plagued Exchange administrators for years – the ability to quickly and easily segregate the Global Address List (GAL) and present a tailored view to respective users. Although, there have been different solutions to accomplish GAL segmentation but never been suggested by Microsoft. However, in release of Exchange 2010 SP2 it has been made a cornerstone feature which termed as Address Book Policies (ABP) which enables Exchange administrators to quickly and easily separate address lists for each organization.


MachSol – Microsoft Validated Solution Vendor for Exchange 2010 SP2 ABP

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

MachSol Inc. is a Microsoft Gold Partner and first official validated control panel vendor that provides validated automation solution for Exchange 2010 SP2 and other Microsoft products.  Now, with MachPanel you can stay compliant with Microsoft guidance and recommendation regarding Exchange 2010 SP2 deployment and automation solution.

MachSol – Microsoft Approved Control Panel Vendor
With release of Exchange 2010 SP2, Microsoft also published guidance documents to ensure recommended Exchange deployments and automation solutions for hosters and ISV’s to be able to avail long term benefit from Microsoft.To take it yet further, Microsoft maintained a list of official Microsoft Validated Solutions Vendors for Exchange 2010 SP2 ABP built on their guidance and recommendation. MachSol is proud to be an approved vendor providing MachPanel that supports Exchange 2010 SP2 ABP being the very first in the industry and among Microsoft approved ISV’s. MachSol had announced to support Exchange 2010 SP2 late in 2011.
Still Waiting to Switch to MachPanel?

MachPanel is not only the first control panel solution that supports Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2 ABP but is also Microsoft’s recommended control panel. It helps you automate your business by means of built-in billing, helpdesk and management modules. MachPanel’s release for SP2 is fully compatible with other Microsoft products like SharePoint, CRM, Lync etc. On top of it, Exchange integration with Blackberry Enterprise and Express servers is also supported. MachSol, made it quite easier for you to switch to MachPanel by means of migration toolkits, comprehensive knowledge base, top-notch customer support and professional services.

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Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2 is now Supported – Start Selling

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2 is now Supported – Start Selling

To double your excitement and passion during Holidays; MachSol Inc., a Microsoft Gold Partner is proud to make announcement for being very first in the industry to support Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2. Now, with MachPanel you can stay on top by offering Exchange 2010 SP2 to your customers. MachSol has envisioned perfectly the time to market and sailed out new release of MachPanel to help you escalate your business and meeting your customers’ demands to support latest technologies.

In Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2, there are several new features which were frequently requested to be introduced for better security, performance and management. Therefore, it was essential to enable these features in Exchange control panel. Following are some of the highlights of new release of MachPanel:


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