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Planning Migration to Exchange 2010 SP2?

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Since release of exchange 2010 SP2 many providers and tech geeks started upgrades and migrations from 3rd party solutions earlier Exchange versions to SP2. Different guides and community discussion are present to help you migrate to Exchange2010 SP2. Following are two scenarios for migration to SP:

  • – From HMC + Control Panel → Exchange 2010 SP2 + Control Panel
  • – From Exchange 2007/2010/ 2010 SP1 + Control Panel → Exchange 2010 SP2 + Control Panel

If you are having Hosted Messaging and Collaboration (HMC) deployment with or without control panel for management than it is right time to migrate to Exchange 2010 SP2. You can use your 3rd party control panel for exchange management or choose MachPanel that supports Exchange 2010 SP2 to stay ahead in the competition and offering hosted Exchange 2010 SP2 to your customers. However, for migration from HMC to Exchange 2010 SP2 you may consult with our Microsoft certified experts equipped with necessary tools and technology for upgrade and migration. Alternatively, you can do it yourself by following Microsoft’s HMC migration guidelines but you may come across the following concerns to address before you could migrate:

  • - Platform architecture and design
  • - Cost and performance estimation and optimization
  • - High availability, security and scalability

And, during the transition you will have to ensure minimum downtime and customer impact. You may also have to consider co-existence for smooth transition and transparency at client end.

On the other hand, if you are planning to upgrade from earlier versions of Exchange like 2007, 2010 and 2010 SP1 than you can use Exchange 2010 SP2 migration toolkit that does it all for you. At MachSol, you can have different valued services from Microsoft certified professionals and turnkey solutions with comprehensive customer support ensuring transparent migration process and minimal downtime and co-existence of your Exchange deployment.

Please feel free to download our migration toolkits.

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Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2 Support with MachPanel

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

MachSol Inc., a Microsoft Gold Partner is first ever to announce support for Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2 in coming release of MachPanel. So, If you have not deployed Exchange 2010 yet, than we suggest you to make a wise decision by avoiding /hosting mode and configuring Exchange 2010 SP2 on-premises deployment. MachPanel is the industry leading control panel for Shared and Enterprise Hosting that fully supports Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, CRM 2011 and OCS/Lync etc.

Beat your Competitors! Start Offering Exchange 2010 SP2 with MachPanel

Everyone in the hosting industry selling Hosted Exchange was waiting for Exchange 2010 to be naturally multi-tenant and Microsoft did that with /hosting mode. But it failed to make the headlines because of lack of functionality that was essentially desired by the hosters to run business. So, Microsoft had to make a decision to address all those limitations and thus they took a U-turn at /hosting mode. Exchange Server 2010 SP2
Recently, Microsoft released Exchange 2010 SP2 that comes up additional features purely focusing on-premise mode. So, it is perfect time to upgrade your Exchange environment to latest release of Exchange 2010 SP2 in order to stay up to date and continue to sell latest technology solution and services to your customers.

Why should you upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2?

Apart from various reasons which will help you making decision to upgrade from older versions to latest release of Exchange 2010 SP2, following are some of the distinguishing and demanding features which almost everyone wishes to offer to do better business.

  • -  Advanced Management Controls
  • -  Enhanced and Optimized I/O Performance
  • -  Enhanced Security and Scalability Options
  • -  Built-in Segregation and Database Availability Groups
  • -  Advanced Interfaces and Compliance to Standards

Why should you Choose MachPanel?

Now, for all those who have been awaiting further development in Exchange should peacefully upgrade and choose MachPanel to stay ahead of the competition because MachPanel is the only control panel at the moment that is to support Exchange 2010 SP2 and previous releases with complete management features. At MachSol, we have ready to go migration toolkits and we also offer professional services and consultancy to help you migrate from HMC, Exchange 2003/2007, Dynamics CRM, and SharePoint etc.

Contact us for Special Offer now!
MachSol Team

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