Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

Ages ago back in 1985 I was busy coding when Microsoft was the new kid on the block


Over the past 35 years MachSol (Machine Solutions) built an comprehensive ecosystem around Microsoft solutions for service providers, leading enterprises and governments. I can describe myself as a relentless perfectionist and forthright person. Pioneer in developing multi-tenant orchestration solutions based on Microsoft IIS web hosting, Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, CRM, Skype for Business (LCS, OCS, Lync) and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). A global enabler who supported Microsoft success in more ways they ever will acknowledge or give credit for.

Back in the old days my relationship with Microsoft leaders was pretty good. We laughed together, made stupid jokes and sometimes cursed each other. We never agreed on anything but understood our mutual goals and challenges. Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer were always bluntly upfront. They hated or love you but nothing in the middle as it should be.

The old days are long gone and made room for new propaganda behavior dictated by our society. All puppets speak the same language and behave the same way. Being upfront and genuine does not seem to count anymore. It is all about politics, control of information and market share. Microsoft have lost its flare to positively influence me in pursuing our common goals. They systematically erased the hosting channel out of existence, leaving only ruble for the hungry. I understand and noticed that Microsoft does a lot of good things as well, so I won’t give up hope yet.

I have always been and continue to be a disruptor what really means “someone who challenges current norms, uproots and radically changes how we think, learn, act, do business, etc…to produce something new and even more worthwhile…”

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Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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MachSol Inc. is Microsoft Certified Partner and Microsoft Validated Vendor having years of experience in cloud automation industry.