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eJadSPM System v.2.2 Released


We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of eJadSPM System v.2.2. This new version is a great improvement over v.2.0 as it includes not only various bug fixes but also several new features alongside user interface (UI) improvements. The overall aim of this release is to provide you a very stable SaaS Control Panel with rich features to run your SaaS business smoothly.

eJadSPM System

1. Feature added: Private label support. To configure private label, go to System Configuration > Company Profile > Personalization. Private label license is required to activate this feature.
2. Feature added: New Edit Resources button to the Resources tab inside Subscription Management. The Edit Resource button allows modifying the service plan resources at subscription level.
3. Feature added: Add-on management added to Service Plans. You can add system managed add-ons and attach them to service plan. The system managed add-ons are provisioned automatically.
4. Feature added: Wireless devices support.
5. Feature added: Generate Invoice for subscription. The provider and customer may generate renewal invoice any time.
6. Feature added: Delete button added to Client detail interface.
7. Feature added: Search by Company name now possible.
8. Feature added: New “Easy Shop” option now available in Customer control center (CCC). This option allow customer to order additional services with ease.
9. Feature added: Plesk 8.3 Linux now supported.
10. Feature added: Chinese and other language characters now supported..
11. Improved: Billing On/Off setting. Can switch on/off the billing system.
12. Improved: Interfaces greatly improved, new Icons added to interfaces.
13. Improved: Customer control center navigation menu is greatly improved.

Enterprise Module: BlackBerry Extension (BBE)
1. New Feature: BlackBerry Enterprise Server integration with HEE standalone and HEE HMC.

Enterprise Module: Hosted Exchange Extension(HEE)
1. Fixed: Exchange accounts listing paging.
2. Fixed: Distribution list members paging.
3. Fixed: Mail flow settings showing incorrect forwarding information.
4. Fixed: Mailbox quota showing wrong values.
5. Fixed: Change password at next logon was enabled for new mailbox.
6. Fixed: Recipients with duplicate display names could not be added within one organization.
7. Fixed: Blank tabs issue in mailbox and contact details.
8. Fixed: OAB & GAL from organizations were visible in OWA to other OWA accounts. Standalone Exchange Control panel now creates appropriate security group and GALs for each organization.
9. Fixed: “Not found on domain controller” Error at several standalone exchange server API calls.
10. Fixed: Database Insert Issue while adding recipients with a display name containing Apostrophe (‘).
11. Feature added: Domain username now displayed and can be modified, same as exchange alias, eases ActiveSync configuration and administration.
12. Feature added: Provider settings now linked with Hosted Exchange Server Groups. This will make it possible to control multiple AD Domains and exchange servers independently.
13. Feature added: Each Exchange server group will now have its own Default Reseller LDAP.
14. Feature added: Chinese and other language characters supported in Contacts, Distribution Lists and Mailboxes Display names.
15. Feature added: All resources of an Exchange subscription can be viewed and modified now at the Exchange subscription’s page under Resources Tab.
16. Improved: Recipients had a long and difficult to remember exchange alias, now changed to username_organizationname.
17. Feature Added: Several Managed add-ons for Hosted Exchange added, including Mailboxes, Organizations, Contacts and Distribution Lists. Add-on may be purchased by customer through the new Easy Shop option in the CCC.

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