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Next Generation Unified Windows Control Panel – Coming Soon!


Dear Customers,

We, at MachSol Inc., are pleased to inform you that it won’t be long when you will be able to benefit from revolutionary, integrated and unified Next Generation Windows Control Panel. In matter of days, the New Stable Release of MachPanel v.4 is about to make its benchmark, releasing coming Tuesday, September 24, 2009 that will open unlimited possibilities for your Hosing business to reach its pinnacles of success.
Our latest offering uncovers manifold characteristics encompassing a stable, secure, reliable, robust and performance efficient modern platform for latest Windows Server 2008. with legacy support for Windows Server 2003 as well. Newly released offering unleashes the Classic hosting provision for IIS 6/7 alongside extending unlimited options for SaaS offerings comprising Exchange 2007, SharePoint, CRM 4.0 and mobile exchange automation to its value added clients.

“Together with several other miscellaneous improvements and features, now, you can make the most of your business by utilizing sound platform of MachPanel v.4, A Complete Windows Control Panel for your hosting business needs.”

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Stay tuned & updated!
We will keep you informed and updated as and when events take place regarding the grand launch of MachPanel v.4. We sincerely hope this new version of MachPanel helps users to offer top notch business opportunities to their customers.

For further information, please contact our Sales at Toll Free #: +1 877 622 4765 or reach use at:


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