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BlackBerry Enterprise Module (BETA)


We are excited to announce the Beta availability of BlackBerry Enterprise Module for eJadSPM System. BlackBerry Enterprise Module (BEE) fully automates the billing, provisioning and management of Microsoft Exchange based BlackBerry Wireless service.

To learn more about the BBE for eJadSPM System, please visit…mobile/BlackBerry.aspx.

BlackBerry Enterprise Module Features
To learn what BlackBerry features are supported, visit…ts/mobile/Features.aspx

BETA Testing Benefits
As active beta user you are the first to use the product and get a chance to work directly with the development team and management. In addition, you receive up to 50% discount if you decide to buy the product.

How to Register for BETA
To OPT-IN for Beta, please enroll at…min/forms/optInForm1.asp. Expired!

Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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