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Top 5 New Features of Dynamics CRM 2015


Microsoft just recently announced release of Dynamics CRM 2015 with a plenty of new features and enhancements compared with earlier versions of Microsoft CRM. In the following, we have summed up top 5 features from a huge list of the CRM 2015 feature list.

1.    E-Mail Editor:

The new email editor in CRM 2015 is really a blessing for marketing individuals because it lets you create emails with drag and drop controls alongside having advanced editor for HTML/CSS manipulation.

2.    Enhanced Business Processes:

CRM 2015 allows you to define branching rules to cater possible scenarios and process flow. With branching rules, you have the ability to put together multiple conditions for a complex process to follow.

3.    Enhanced Business Rules:

Now, it’s a great favor to you because you may not need multiple business rules for a case because CRM 2015 allows you to create IF/Then logic and combine them with And/Or operators and lead to the actions.

4.    Search:

The generation navigation search bar is now powered enough to search everything within CRM 2015. You can now search across multiple record types or you may configure your prioritized entities to be searched out.

5.    Sync Enhancements:

A lot of sync improvements are rolled out in CRM 2015. Now, additional fields of phone/address can be synced and apart from that end users will be able to add information to a contact note and restrict it being circulated within CRM.

Yet, there is a lot more new in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 that covers up overall improved and enhanced user experience, field level security, support of Cortana, calculated fields, hierarchy visualization, product families/taxonomy and better sales/marketing collaboration interfaces.

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