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Increase the Productivity by Choosing Microsoft Lync 2013


Microsoft seems to be the vocalist of unified communications technology that has recently rolled out Microsoft Lync 2013 with many new features which have resulted in great benefits for individuals who have busy schedules and do not have the time to physically communicate with clients, colleagues and other people involved in the business. Microsoft Lync that enables individuals to maintain contact on the go, either it is an email or an IM or a video conference or a plain phone call, communication has never been so easier.

Microsoft Lync 2013 - Lync Automation SolutionAmong end-user valued functionality, improvements are introduced in video conferencing features that supports high resolution conferencing and it’s very flexible since the user can choose the frame rates, resolutions and scalability. Within a conference, pictures, slides and videos can be played. This makes information sharing a lot easier. Another great feature is that everything is archived. All conversations are automatically saved so that if anything important has been discussed, individuals can go back to the archive and look it up. Automatic updates of contacts also take place when a contact changes one or more of his contact details. Because of the ease of use and ease of information sharing, everything takes place quickly and so productivity goes up. Mobility is also increased because physical presence at meetings is not necessary. Since access to communication is open all the time, colleagues, clients and partners can be contacted OTG. Managing communications and other aspects of the business becomes a lot easier. Lower costs are also incurred since mobility and communication costs are reduced.

Clearly, Microsoft Lync leads to many benefits and leverages unified communication by means of integration voice and messaging together. Since, Microsoft Lync can be integrated with Microsoft Exchange and other Microsoft technologies like SharePoint too, it forms up a universal platform of UCaaS. Because of its latest features and overwhelmingly suitable benefits, Microsoft Lync 2013 should be the choice for all those businesses, organizations and companies looking to increase productivity, reduce costs and increase efficiency in operations. MachSol offers Lync 2013 Control Panel and turn-key services for Microsoft Lync based hosted unified communication services. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and schedule a product demo.

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