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Improve business productivity with Remote Desktop Service

Remote desktop service offered by Microsoft is one of its kinds in the current cloud business space. In the world of high competition, organizations are always in search for better ways to achieve business productivity and Remote Desktop service is the exact solution. Remote Desktop Service allows companies’ employees to access Windows desktop Applications with just a stable internet connection...

How Microsoft Teams portal can benefit shift workers

Microsoft Teams portal has the potential to connect an entire organization under one platform. From C-suit personnel to the first line employees, Microsoft Teams portal has got everyone covered. The features of Microsoft Teams help facilitate IT help desk, customer support staff, line workers etc. Teams have the potential to unlock the productivity for shift workers. Read further to learn how you...

Microsoft Work Folders or Offline Files: Which to Opt?

Offline files feature has been popular amongst Microsoft users since the days of Windows XP. Many organizations and enterprises opt for providing access to user data via Offline files on Windows Clients. One step ahead of it, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Work Folders that was built into Windows 8.1 and has been popular ever since. It is now available for Windows 7, Windows 10, iPhone, Android...

Ages ago back in 1985 I was busy coding when Microsoft was the new kid on the block

Over the past 35 years MachSol (Machine Solutions) built an comprehensive ecosystem around Microsoft solutions for service providers, leading enterprises and governments. I can describe myself as a relentless perfectionist and forthright person. Pioneer in developing multi-tenant orchestration solutions based on Microsoft IIS web hosting, Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, CRM, Skype for...

Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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