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HEE v.2.0 Update Available: 2.0.60


Hosted Exchange Extension version 2.0 build 60 (stable) has been released. This build includes following new features/fixes. Fixed bug: Exchange accounts paging fixed. Fixed bug: HEE/MPS: Error while adding package (No server group found). Fixed bug: Password mismatch error at Exchange provider interface. Fixed bug: Adding mailbox: Mailbox name length error. Fixed bug: Error in service queue...

Exchange Server 2007 Control Panel (BETA)


If you are a small/mid-size web host and want to start offering hosted email and collaboration services via MS Exchange Server 2007 and SharePoint services then we have the turn-key solution for you! Here is how it works: 1. Install eJadSPM System 2. Install HEE stand-alone module 3. Create hosted email packages from Service Plans > Add Product 4. Configure your exchange server under Service...

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