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Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2 and Address Book Policies (ABP)


Exchange 2010 SP2 and Address book policies Exchange 2010 SP2 comes with a solution for something that has plagued Exchange administrators for years – the ability to quickly and easily segregate the Global Address List (GAL) and present a tailored view to respective users. Although, there have been different solutions to accomplish GAL segmentation but never been suggested by Microsoft...

Go Unified with MachPanel Lync Module


MachSol Inc. is proud to announce complete support for Microsoft Lync 2010 to empower you with Microsoft’s enterprise ready unified communication platform. MachSol being a Microsoft Gold Partner and official validated control panel vendor is actively engaged in supporting latest Microsoft technologies to help you stay competent and ahead of competition. MachSol – Microsoft Approved Control Panel...

MachSol – Microsoft Validated Solution Vendor for Exchange 2010 SP2 ABP


  MachSol Inc. is a Microsoft Gold Partner and first official validated control panel vendor that provides validated automation solution for Exchange 2010 SP2 and other Microsoft products.  Now, with MachPanel you can stay compliant with Microsoft guidance and recommendation regarding Exchange 2010 SP2 deployment and automation solution. MachSol – Microsoft Approved Control Panel Vendor With...

Planning Migration to Exchange 2010 SP2?


Since release of exchange 2010 SP2 many providers and tech geeks started upgrades and migrations from 3rd party solutions earlier Exchange versions to SP2. Different guides and community discussion are present to help you migrate to Exchange2010 SP2. Following are two scenarios for migration to SP: – From HMC + Control Panel → Exchange 2010 SP2 + Control Panel – From Exchange...

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