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MachPanel ADSync – Facilitating Providers and End Users in Active Directory Synchronization


In hosting business, one of the mostly faced challenges is to stay aligned with latest technologies and trends because that’s the only spirit to keep your business live and running. It becomes even difficult for those providers who have an inadequate solution to manage their services, operations, and rather overall business. MachSol strives hard to overcome all such issues faced by the service providers and makes their lives a lot easier by the flagship cloud automation solution – the MachPanel. However, to envisage the end user’s common problem who might have multiple platforms or service offering but worried to sync them together in a single platform. MachSol also thinks of the end users feasibility and convenience to cater these kind of concerns.

MachPanel ADSyncMachPanel is the most reliable, scalable and globally recognized cloud automation solution, specifically designed to manage private, public and hybrid clouds. It includes management control panels for provider and self-service control panel for their customers. Focusing end users, MachPanel ADSync module has been introduced to sync data for multiple profiles, meaning that from single installation of this ADSync module client can manage (sync users for) more than one hosted organizations and/or active directory platforms.

MachPanel ADSync synchronizes on-premise active directory users to MachPanel cloud hosted active directory users accounts to keep your user base facilitated with single sign-on ability. It brings you a lot of ease and comfort in syncing your users information across multiple platforms. It also has the ability to schedule the synchronization process for maximum usability and flexibility. With its built in capability and artificial intelligence; automatic mapping of the hosted and on-premises users is also possible on the basis of known attributes. It allows on-premise active directory admin to automatically sync newly created local or on-premise active directory users to sync with hosted active directory. Hence, it reduced the time, efforts and keeps your active directory sync all the time.

Consequently, MachPanel is the only flagship cloud automation solution that brings control and management of highest to lowest levels in your fingertips, gives your peace of mind and more opportunities to grow your business in HSP industry.

Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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