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MachPanel ADSync Tool: Your Gateway to a Successful SaaS Business


Active Directory Synchronization is a modern way of keeping up with multiple platforms across large SaaS business and enterprise businesses.  A large number of organizations are shifting towards Microsoft’s Active Directory to get their operations standardized in a centralized approach. In this way, they can continue working with their existing systems and don’t have to worry about manual synchronizations across multiple platforms.

MachPanel offers a diverse tool for Directory Synchronization which consolidates one Active Directory with another. All the cloud user accounts settings are updated within the SaaS business space. This tools ADSync tool for Successful SaaS Businessalso offers AI based  mapping of users(hosted and on-premises) on the basis of  known attributes like user principal name, display name etc. and also provides same Sign-On benefits. With MachPanel, you can easily sync newly created local or on-premise active directory users with hosted active directory. This not only reduces time and efforts but also keeps ADsync every time you access it.

MachPanel has made synchronization of your AD users between multiple platforms fairly easy and provides industry’s best Azure Active Directory benefits. With MachPanel you can experience working with best Automation tool for Directory Sync for your SaaS business.

Let’s have a look at what MachPanel ADsync module has to offer for your business:


Single Sign-On

With MachPanel ADSync, you can experience the feature on same Sign-On across multiple platforms like SharePoint, Exchange, CRM, Hyper-V, Skype for business in your SaaS business.

Multiple Profiles

With multiple profiles, you can get Synchronizations amongst multiple Hosted cloud environments.

On-premise and Hosted Sync

You can get on-premise Active Directory with Hosted Active Directory Users.

Best Support

MachPanel provides you with best after sales support. Along with this, there is a comprehensive configuration guide and installation guide presented in MachPanel’s knowledge base.

Cloud Hosted to Hosted Synchronizations

MachPanel provides best Cloud hosted to cloud hosted active directory synchronization

Multiple OU Sync

You can easily get Multiple OU synchronization ability amongst two active directories.

Scheduled Sync

You can schedule active directory synchronizations based on your organizations demand an as you desire.

Reporting per Organization

You can get usage details of ADsync in the form of detailed Reports for each organization. MachPanel provides you to achieve a competitive edge in the market.

MachPanel Tool for Directory Synchronization

MachPanel ADsync Tool deserves special attention for CSPs and entrepreneurs of SaaS business. It keeps all cloud users updated with one-way synchronization. In addition to that, all active directory admins can automatically keep the newly created on-premises AD synced with hosted AD.

With MachPanel automation module for ADsync, automation and synchronization are made easy. Get this module for your business so that you never have to worry about any Directory Synchronization again.


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