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Planning for going hybrid? Here’s what you need to know


Going hybrid is the new norm. While organizations strive to gain cutting edge benefits of technology, staying ahead of the curve also requires being efficient and adopting the latest technology. This requires managers to prepare the organization to adapt to the current and future technological changes. Thus, Hybrid is a win-win in a situation for organizations that aren’t fully ready to adopt the cloud but still wish to adopt cutting edge benefits of the cloud.

What you need to know when going for a hybrid cloud solution

Before going hybrid you needs to fully understand that hybrid doesn’t provide all the cloud benefits available for companies adopting the cloud-first strategy. However, there are still many benefits of going hybrid. It is important for CSPs to understand that hybrid is a “transition to cloud” approach and thus, they can eventually get their business landed in the Cloud!

Here are a few reasons why hybrid fits best for CSP business:

  • Easy Disaster Recovery

In modern times, disaster recovery is an important aspect which every business must throw light to. Since Hybrid provides cloud benefits too, organizations can take the advantage of cloud storage that can be beneficial in case of a disaster. The organization’s mission critical applications and sensitive data can be backed up in the cloud and the best part is: you can pay for what you use!

  • Flexibility

Hybrid cloud allows for flexibly so your organization can keep what is needed in the on-perm setup and pay for what is needed from the cloud. This transition can also lead up to adopt the cloud-first strategy for your company eventually.

  • Innovative solutions

The cloud has provided a huge platform for innovation with security. With hybrid deployments, you can leverage the benefits of cloud innovation. One example is cloud bursting. Companies can run their solutions or apps in their data centers; however, if there is a need for it, they can burst the app into public cloud. Apps that handle non-sensitive information can be used like that.

  • Cost–effective management

Going hybrid brings more ease of administration. Not only the tasks are easily managed (while no data centers being monitored at all times), they are also done with a reduced cost.

It’s time to take a stand

Hybrid solutions provide a combination of public and private environments to make the companies get the best of both the worlds. This maximizes productivity of the business and thus gives you all the time you need to get used to the cloud based environment before jumping to the cloud.

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MachPanel Automation module for CSPs

MachPanel is a full-fledge business automation system. The user friendly portal is a must have for every business. MachPanel assists CSPs to manage entire lifecycle of their cloud business. It provides automation for Microsoft O365 & Azure. With MachPanel, you can easily Showcase Bundle & Sell all the integrated offers offered by your cloud business. With this module, you can Go the extra mile with Automation and make O365 Reselling hassle-free.

Get on board with MachPanel and discover the power of cloud computing for your business success.

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Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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