Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

In the competitive world of cloud computing, the key to cloud business growth is having a higher profit margin. Since independent cloud sellers wish to have a good way to show their offerings, with a little bit of help, they can boost their business profit margins and fly smoothly in the cloud marketplace.

MachPanel is a robust platform that favors cloud providers and makes them do more with less. With MachPanel, Resellers can boost up their business profit and increase their revenue stream like they wish. Following are three ways how MachPanel can boost business profits and reduce overall business costs.

Why MachPanel control panel

Utilize tailored approach

MachPanel experts make sure that each reseller is dealt in a unique and special manner. That is why, MachPanel offer services according to your business type. Nevertheless, the road to success doesn’t only require implementing cutting edge technology to your business environment, but also to implement that in the most efficient manner to stay ahead of the curve. MachPanel provides that efficiency and so you can utilize MachPanel’s offerings according to your business niche to increase business profits.

Powerful integrated tools

MachPanel is equipped with best in line integrated tools for cloud computing that foster cloud provider’s business ideas and turn them into reality. With a wide variety of integrated tools like invoicing and billing, Power BI, hybrid marketplace, MachPanel makes it easier for cloud providers and resellers to resell their offerings. There are multiple Automation modules offered at MachPanel like Automation module for Microsoft SharePoint, Automation module for Microsoft Exchange, Automation module for Mycroft Skype for Business, Automation module for Microsoft Hyper V, Automation module for Microsoft Dynamics,  Automation for Work Folders,  Multi-Tenant Remote Desktop Services and many others that help Cloud provider with the tools and modules they need for better productivity of their cloud business.

24/7 technical support

MachPanel experts are there to provide you 24/7 technical support. With a huge number of Customer Representatives on board, you can always rely on your customer’s technical problems being solved from MachPanel experts. This way, your customer base increases and so does your revenue stream.

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MachPanel Automation module for Microsoft CSP

With MachPanel Automation module for Microsoft CSP, you get all the tools needed to fully automate your cloud business. With this module, you can easily manage the entire lifecycle of your Direct and Indirect CSP Business. You can showcase, bundle and sell integrated offers and services under the white-lablelled customized storefront. There is complete business automation of Microsoft O365 & Azure.  Recurring subscriptions and easy billing make MachPanel the favorite cloud business automation platform of Cloud Providers.

Get on board with MachPanel and discover the full potential of your cloud business.

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Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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