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An insight to multi-cloud approach in the Telecom Industry


There is no denying the fact that there is a strong role of multi-cloud approach in telecom industry. In modern times, there are various strategies adopted by Communications Service Providers (CSP) to adopt the cloud and move corporate IT communication and related networking applications to the cloud. In general, the best cloud services to be found worldwide are provided by public cloud providers. CSPs today are opting for a multi-cloud approach.

How the multi-cloud approach benefits Communications Service Providers

In the modern cloud space, multi-cloud has become a norm really quickly. When talking about role of cloud computing in telecom industry, multi-cloud approach comes in the first-line. Even though the nature of multi-cloud approach looked complex in terms of management and adoption at first, there have been solutions designed in the market to overcome the challenges of a multi-cloud environment. This makes CSPs take benefit from two or more cloud providers and stay in control of their environment.

With a dynamic and up-to-date catalog, Providers can stay ahead of the curve and are be able to limit consumptions resulting in adopting a cost-effective approach.  The multi-cloud environment itself is a Cost transparent and highly visible environment.

Major benefits of public cloud to Communications Service Providers

Using a single public cloud is no different. CSPs are always in search for best cloud services.  Multi-cloud approach is just one step ahead of single public cloud approach. What are the major benefits to Communication providers that they can get form public clouds? Let’s have a look

  • Best-in-line automation

Automation is the main derivative of public clouds (or clouds in general). This is the top attribute that the modern Communications Service Providers look for in the next-Gen network applications.

  • Scale on-demand

Whether the business is a startup or established enterprise, scalability, especially, on-demand scalability is always a necessity. Public clouds provide that level of scalability that is required to optimize networks for real time reporting.

  • Reduced TCOs

Business flourish when they end up saving bucks after investing in any cloud-based plan. Public clouds provide better savings and thus reduced TCOs.

  • Reduced Time to market

Core operations like Service design, testing and deployment, are all automated and done with an agile approach, hence reducing the time to market for CSP business.

  • Leave it to the experts

And the best part is, there is a complete panel of experts to guide on unfamiliar components, technologies even languages and the overall culture of cloud networking.

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MachPanel Automation Platform for Microsoft CSP

Managing lifecycle of Direct and Indirect CSP Business becomes easier with MachPanel. The robust and all-in-one CSP solution provides all it needs to automate CSP business with maximized profit margins resulting in a higher revenue stream. MachPanel offers complete control over billing and subscriptions with shorter time to market while CSPs leverage the benefit of Hybrid market where they can showcase bundle and sell integrated offers in a customized manner. All financial aspects of the business and reporting are automated. The platform provides the ability of direct billing to customers with unified & consolidated invoices for Microsoft Business 365, Azure CSP Billing.

Head to MachPanel to gain the benefits of a complete Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform (MSOP).

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Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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