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Latest Microsoft Azure Updates | A Guide to Unlock CSP Benefits


Microsoft CSPs Alert: Microsoft has announced Azure updates for Microsoft CSP program for more CSP benefits. These features, which we’ll be telling in a minute, are now Live!

With more innovations in digital technologies, CSPs always are in need for a breakthrough that can provide them with cutting-edge benefits with no compromise on service delivery. To get more value, organizations want more managed services and value-added IP offerings. Microsoft customers rely on Microsoft Partners and CSP organizations for services and expert skills required to accelerate in this era of digital transformation.

Microsoft has announced Azure updates for CSPs including a new commerce experience under the Azure in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. By utilizing the Azure cost management feature, CSPs can unlock more value for customer satisfaction.

  • The New Commerce Experience

The new commerce experience announced within Azure updates from Microsoft offer CSP benefits by providing more options to increase customer base and improve the selling experience. There are more tools and resources announced that can bring-in more value to their business. It provides a simplified billing experience where you get access to invoices and reconciliation files, be in control of data usage since “all of the usage is tied back to a single Azure Plan”. In addition to this, the new features include reading invoicing and the relevant reconciliation file and daily usage file. You can even have a detailed analysis on Azure spending with options like receiving alerts for budget set at a customer level and Viewing total spending on an Azure plan in the latest Azure update.

  • Universal Catalog

With the new commerce experience, you get access to one universal catalog which helps in better expansion of your portfolio of services. The universal catalog has all the latest Azure services that can bring in innovative Azure features as soon as they are live. This attracts new customers for your business.

  • Value-added Services

The new updates let CSPs discover unique VAS opportunities via the Partner earned credit model under Cost Management, that we’ll discuss in a minute. PEC rewards lead towards a sustainable profitability.

  • Azure Lighthouse

This is a new tool introduced under the new Azure Updates. It enables Microsoft Partners to provide unique managed services to their customers and enables CSPs to effectively manage multiple customer environments.

  • Consistent pricing

In the new Azure Updates, a simplified price list for Azure is introduced consisting of consistent prices worldwide. There’s more transparency     and a unified invoice and billing date alignment for all purchases of customer across the Azure marketplace.

  • A simplified Framework

Azure Updates introduce a framework for doing business with CSPs in a simplified manner that deliver better business results for CSPs. the Microsoft Partner Agreement and the Microsoft Customer Agreement are part of this framework.

  • Azure Cost Management

Under the Azure Cost Management feature, there are more CSP benefits to offer from Microsoft CSP program. CSPs can get a detailed cost analysis option by customer, meter, service, resource group, subscription, resource and many other dimensions. You can setup notifications by utilizing programmatic budgets to stay notified whenever costs exceed budgets. In the new Azure Updates, you can also view resources costs having Partner Earned Credit (PEC) under the Cost analysis. Customers also get the option to view their consumption costs data under pay-as-you-go rates. With Azure Cost management, you can maximize cloud efficiency for the customers and manage the customer’s costs effectively from the cloud.  Under cost management, you can get your hands on various tools to monitor cloud costs, allocate then optimize cloud costs with rich analytics.

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