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All You Need to Know about the New Microsoft Partner Agreement for CSP partners


The latest Microsoft Partner Agreement is the talk of the town. Guess CSPs all over the world are eager to know what Microsoft has mentioned this time. The latest obligations have to be accepted by all organizations under the CSP program no later than January 31st, 2020 to stay onboard with the Microsoft CSP program.

Microsoft has proposed the agreement based on a few valid reasons like simplifying the contracting procedure, clarifying and distinguishing roles and responsibilities in reference to regulatory requirements and to ensure there’s transparency for Microsoft and Microsoft partner network.

The new Agreement

In the latest Microsoft partner agreement, Microsoft replaces all previous Microsoft Agreements for Indirect Resellers and Indirect provider like the Microsoft Cloud Distributor Agreement (MCDA), the Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement Multi-Tier Amendment, Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement (MCRA), and the Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement for US Government Cloud. It also replaces Terms and Conditions Agreement.

The Microsoft partner agreement has a multiple business Microsoft CSP benefits to Partners like:

  • Improved transparency that leads to Protection of long-term growth and a smooth business sail for Microsoft partner network.
  • Easier adherence to solid business practices and privacy regulations
  • Better understanding of roles and responsibilities for a continuous service delivery
  • Establishment of trust due to adherence and strong business channel with sound business practices in Microsoft partner network.
  • Providing administration access to third-party technical and customer service providers with full confidence.

What Partners need to do?

For organizations already under a CSP Program who are direct bill, indirect providers or indirect resellers, they need to sign up the latest MPA before the deadline approaches. The newer MPA addresses legal concerns in a better manner. Accepting the new Microsoft partner agreement allows for smooth transactions through Partner Center API or User Interface (aka Partner Center Dashboard). Failure to accept the MPA will lead to your organization not being able to add new subscriptions or add seats to existing subscriptions under the CSP Program and the Microsoft partner network. However, the organization will still be able to administer existing subscribers and users. The final deadline to accept the MPA and stay within the CSP Program is Aug. 31, 2020.

MachSol is providing guidance to CSPs including indirect resellers, indirect providers and Direct billing CSPs to adhere to the latest Partner agreement proposed by Microsoft for a smooth and streamlined Cloud Provision and administration experience.

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MachPanel Automation Platform for Microsoft CSP

MachPanel supports full-fledge automation and management of CSP business for Direct and Indirect CSPs.  The robust platform includes end-to-end business management where you can showcase, bundle and sell integrated offers and services through white labeled customized storefront, offer Microsoft O365 & Azure services and Control Billing and reporting with just a few clicks. A Detailed dashboard is there to display Analytics, BI dashboard and streamline Recurring Billing with Payment Processing.

Get on board with MachPanel to cater for all your CSP requirements regarding the new MPA and stay right on track with the latest CSP requirements.

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