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Business cover for Microsoft Azure Offerings via CSP


Business layer for Microsoft CSP based Azure

Today we are excited to announce that MachPanel, the Microsoft Validated Hosting Control Panel offers Business management layer to Microsoft CSPs based Microsoft Azure offerings. In order to  Microsoft Azure Business Layer with MachPaneldetermine which Microsoft cloud solution best meets your requirements, you need to think of Microsoft Azure CSP Process Automation, service management, resource monitoring, security infrastructure, auditing, ease of deployment, future growth, billing, backup, retention, support and a bunch of other topics. If you are looking for unified interface which provides a comprehensive business life cycle for Microsoft Azure Products then MachPanel the Service Orchestration Platform (SOP) is a right choice for you.

Manipulate your profit margins

A recommended Microsoft validated solution that provides best management of industry-leading SaaS services, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Azure by providing profit margins to add up over service provider pricing along with reseller/customer management, billing, invoicing and reporting functionality. MachPanel the Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform (MSOP) offers Microsoft Azure profit margin management for CSP Tier 1 providers as well as, it provides opportunity to offer Resell Microsoft Azure products through built-in reseller’s workflows even at Microsoft CSP tier 1.

Complete bird-eye view of your Azure based usage

MachPanel CSP module provides detailed Azure Usage report both at reseller and customer level. Using MachPanel providers have ability to automate provisioning of flexible Azure subscriptions, set a profit rate for themselves and resellers, generate of invoices based on the rates and can view the revenue / cost at subscription level. A provider can increase profit rates on the basis of income.

Become a CSP partner and increase profitability

MachPanel fill-up the gape between your business & Azure offerings

When you compare MS Azure managed via MachPanel, you will get the insight that MachPanel covers the Microsoft Azure shortcoming by optimizing your cloud resources, managing income and costs allocation. Now, with MachPanel pay-as-you-go model it’s easier, flexible and more compliant to manage profit margining, resell and expand revenue streams for Microsoft Azure providers.

It’s essential to evaluate the reliability and capability of a service provider thus MachPanel provides comprehensive cloud automation solution for Microsoft Azure.

MachPanel the Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform (MSOP) is an ideal solution that fits for your need, supporting feature that no one else can provide.


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Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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