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Unlocking the benefits of Microsoft O365 and Azure


The latest trend in approaching the Cloud is gaining popularity with each passing year. More and more business are shifting to the cloud and taking benefits of the Cloud Backbone. Not only cloud provides a decent and reliable infrastructure but it also provides long-term business benefits.

Microsoft O365 and Azure

Cloud Providers take benefits from Microsoft directly and resell their services from Office 365 and Azure. Both these products offer a lot more services that CSPs perceive at the time of subscription. Given below are a few distinct ways to use these products and benefit your business.


  1. Secure Remote Access to Network

Azure’s Active Directory has benefitted millions off business users. Employees that work away from their desk, get access control of the whole portfolio, SQL databases, basic cloud and storage space. Different devices can access resources remotely

  1. Connect Globally

Azure AD is already integrated with a lot of third party SaaS applications like Salesforce, Google Apps, Dropbox, Office 365 etc. Even custom applications can be added for business use if it is not already integrated with AD.

  1. Seamless Migrations

Business fear to move to cloud only because of many obstacles in the process of migration. Not only there is a chance of data loss, there is a lot of complexity in the process as well. Azure AD e 365 offers seamless integration over to the cloud. Apart from that, Microsoft and CSPs also provide on-site customer support for better and smoother migrations and to tackle any run-time issues.

  1. Expert Support

Cloud Providers provide excellent customer support. If there are any technical issues at CSPs’ end, they also tackle those in no time. The technical support is present there 24/7.

  1. OneDrive Storage

OneDrive offers collaborative document sharing between colleagues and employees and also makes management of digital assets possible. While businesses grow, the storage needs also grow with it. OneDrive offers a scalable solution so that your Storage needs are always fulfilled along with business growth.

Business cover for Microsoft Azure Offerings via CSP

MachPanel: Providing Maximum Business Benefits to CSPs

MachPanel is a Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform for Resellers and Providers. It provides you with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure services for better profits and flexible margins.  MachPanel offers easy billing and reporting, a Hybrid Marketplace and integration of Salesforce flow for its resellers. It also provides hassle-free migrations and integration of third party apps. It also offers consolidated Management of Microsoft Office 365 along with On-premise Hosted Subscriptions.

MachPanel Automation Platform for Microsoft CSP makes you able to take maximum benefits of O365 and Azure.

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Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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