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CSP business is quite popular these days. Having a CSP Partner business is not only profitable; it is also sustainable over time. The cloud is the next big thing in business landscape.  In CSP Partner Program, CSPs sell services related to Office 365 and Azure by setting their own margins and profits. The MicrosoftCSP partner CSP Partner program allows for directly managing customers entire lifecycle and utilize the built-in tools to directly manage and support customer relationship.

The Two Programs

CSPs work directly with Microsoft to resell the services to customers. There are two methods by which CSPs can resell services. First is the Direct Method and other is the Indirect Method. Let’s explain the two one by one

Direct CSP

In the direct CSP Partner program, CSPs work directly with Microsoft and resell their services. However, there are a few requirements that need to be met before starting the Direct CSP journey. CSPs who opt for this journey need to have an infrastructure for billing and also have to provide customer support. Microsoft provides little technical support for customers. So Direct CSP Partners need to have a strong base for customers support.

Microsoft has released a few requirements for its Direct CSP Partners where they have to fulfill some billing requirements and maintain infrastructure on-premises. Furthermore, they either need to provide a managed service, facilitate customers with an IP service or provide them with a solution application. These requirements have come into effect after 31st August, 2018. All those Direct CSP Partners are able to continue their subscription as distributors who have fulfilled these updated requirements. If, however, they have not been able to fulfill, they can still continue as Indirect CSP Partners.

Indirect CSP

For Indirect CSP Partners, processes are quite easier. They do not have to meet strict requirements. They work with a Direct Partner and set their profits and margins and then resell the services from their end. A lot of Providers offer white-label-services that the Indirect Providers can make use of. Most of the heavy lifting can be done through the Provider’s Infrastructure and experience. Indirect Partners do not deal directly with Microsoft; rather their Provider is their guide which provides them with services and products for reselling. CSPs do not have to worry about the initial infrastructure investment cost. This model serves best when you want to focus on the strengthening of your business and make utmost use of cloud capabilities.

New CSP Direct Bill Requirements

MachPanel and CSP Partners

MachPanel is a reliable Cloud Service Provider. It provides CSPs with necessary bundle to deal with state-of-the-art challenges. With MachPanel, all the CSP requirements can be easily met. It offers complete business automation and Lifecycle management Delivery, you can experience reliable IaaS and SaaS Delivery and ardent customer support. The Control Panel makes you have maximum profits and flexible margins that facilitate your business. MachPanel is the solution by which your CSP business can flourish beyond measures.

MachPanel the Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform (MSOP) is an ideal solution that fits for your need, supporting feature that no other control panel can provide.


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Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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