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New CSP Direct Bill Requirements


With the new Microsoft update in the news, CSPs have got to get a grip on the update in order to retain the CSP program. It’s time to rush and act upon the necessary actions in order to fulfill the Microsoft CSP Direct billing requirements in time. Here are a few details on how to maintain the Microsoft Cloud Service Provider Program and the latest Microsoft update.

The two plans

In general, there are two types of plans in order to facilitate the CSPs to meet their customers’ support needs.

  1. Microsoft Advanced Support for Partners
  2. Microsoft Premier Support for Partners

In the case of Microsoft Advanced Support for Partners, Microsoft provides support for fixing issues, resolving problems. In case of Microsoft Premier Support for Partners, Microsoft provides you with an ability to identify new areas of growth in the existing cloud-enabled services. In this way, new areas of revenue can be opened up in your business.

Keeping “billing” in the limelight

Microsoft CSP Tier 1 Billing

In order to be successful, CSPs need to focus on four major points: Support, service based model, scalability and billing. Out of these four, billing is the most important aspect of a successful CSP Tier 1 partner. CSPs need to directly monitor and provision the subscriptions and manage the customer’s queries related to billing and management. To be a winner in this era, it is important to focus on Direct Billing methods and increase profitability. The billing module must have recurring billing options with proper payment processing.

In order to stay on track on as a Microsoft Tier 1 CSP, you need to show two main key capabilities. First, either you need to provide your customers with an IP service, a solution application or provide a managed service. And secondly, you need to be equipped with a decent infrastructure and enable billing within your systems. In case, either of these capabilities is not fulfilled, the CSPs can continue to provide services as indirect providers.

Cloud Automation Solution MachPanel - CSP

MachPanel: Keeping you on the CSP track

If you are still wondering where to start from, MachPanel can help you with it. It provides a platform that empowers Microsoft CSPs through end-to-end business management. MachPanel gives you an option to own and control your billing. With an ability of Direct Billing, it automates all major aspects related to business financial operations. It manages unified and consolidated invoices that help simplify the billing processes. This is available for Microsoft Office365 and Azure CSP Billing structures.

MachPanel also offers you the option of recurring billing and automatic subscriptions so that consumers do not have to go for subscriptions every month.  Apart from that, it also enables you to showcase your products in a customized storefront, gives an option of extensive reporting with a few clicks, gives a complete bird’s eye view of the usage calculations and much more. Through the bill and support system, along with complete business automation solutions, the success of your business is accelerated. MachPanel is a reliable partner that provides Profit management for Microsoft Distributors.

MachPanel the Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform (MSOP) is an ideal solution that fits for your need, supporting feature that no one else can provide.


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