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Intelligent Cloud Automation: What To Expect In The Cloud Workspace


Various industries have adopted Cloud Automation in the past decade and the process of automation as continue to grow ever since it was introduced. In the basic fields and occupations, automation has made its place side by side human skill.

Cloud based software services have been cohesively integrated into major aspects of business and almost all aspects of professional life. Many companies and business tend to make cloud their top priority despite the choice of distributed computing for the manipulation of data keeping security as the most important aspect. It is necessary that the workforce shall now be trained so as to be beneficial alongside automation in future. This gives rise to the concept of Intelligent Cloud Automation. Where the services offered by cloud are made intelligent enough to compete for future tasks and cater the needs of the future in cloud industry.

Intelligent Automation for Cloud

The concept of Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) has been little-known. Mostly CSPs are interested in developing and enhancing their services with upcoming needs of businesses. Cloud Providers seldom are concerned of the scalability of Cloud itself.  IAC is a cloud management platform that is especially designed for enterprise level companies and major public sector Information Technology Organizations that build and develop public clouds and hybrid clouds. The idea is to provide out-of-the-box capabilities to cloud vendors who further extend those capabilities to CSPs in order to meet the growing needs of businesses. In this way, CSPs are able to deploy their services that are not limited to basic IaaS.

Few of such functionalizes that are expected to enhance in future are:

  1. Integrated Network Services Automation

It is highly effective in providing seamless management of virtual infrastructure and physical infrastructure as well. The resources of computing, storage and the network in the cloud are optimized so as to provide customers with better operational efficiency by combining built-in Infrastructure and third party infrastructure in their hybrid or private cloud deployment.

  1. Application Stack Deployment

Application Stack Accelerator is a highly usable extension to the current IAC services. Using Application stack Deployment, blueprints of applications can be designed and delivered in an efficient manner that increase faster app deployment in the cloud. Using the blueprints, designs of the complete application can be ordered using a self-service portal.

  1. Easy Addition of Cloud Accelerators

A major trend in data-centric approach is the scalability of cloud coverage. Using IAC, organizations can get services beyond IaaS, making them capable to achieve much more by delivering the services right when they are needed.

  1. Financial and Portfolio Management

With this, the management of automated financial and the basic portfolio can be extended to multiple cloud environments. Using this, budgetary limits and pricing boundaries can be set beforehand, in order to avoid unexpected bills.

Automation that a control panel should offer to CSPs and hosters

MachPanel – the next stop in Intelligent Cloud Automation

MachPanel provides end-to-end business automation with its efficient hosting Control Panel capabilities. MachPanel provides SaaS and IaaS Orchestration. With MachPanel Automation Platform for Microsoft CSP, CSPs can ability automate and scale their Microsoft Cloud business. It is an excellent choice for multi-tiered services as it manages entire lifecycle of your business efficiently.  It offers an on-premise Hybrid Marketplace that caters the need of Intelligent Service delivery based on customer’s past choices. It enables the customers to perform third-party integrations quite smoothly. MachPanel is the best choice for CSPs today, in order to grow business for tomorrow.

Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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