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Automation that a control panel should offer to CSPs and hosters


For Hosting Services Providers, there is nothing better than having a robust, yet simple control panel that makes Service providing an easy task.

With increasing updates from big names like Microsoft coming up every now and then, it is necessary for Control CSP Automation SolutionPanels to catch up on the trendy updates in time. For example, quite recently Microsoft has updated its CSP Direct billing requirements. Under this requirement, Microsoft tier 1 partners need to purchase a Microsoft support plan and they also need to demonstrate key capabilities that includes providing customer solution application and enable billing and provisioning infrastructure. If a partner is unable to meet these requirements they will have to switch to a reseller model that is selling through an indirect provider. With this in sight, automation platforms will have to make sure that their solutions enable partners to fulfill these requirements.

Being in the era of Cloud Automation, the basic need of Hosting Service Providers is to be able to transfer the services in a way that is hassle free and complete. Hosting control Panels, nowadays, come in a variety of interfaces and with competitive features. It’s important to know the trendy features of 2018 that make any control panel a considerable option. Let’s have a look

On Premises/ Hybrid Marketplace

In the current era, a lot more customers would want to showcase their products and apps so that they can be sold from a platform. A good Hosting Panel would always give you an option of creating a marketplace for your customers.

E-commerce flows

Giving the option to resellers about their ecommerce flows and making the sales productive, is the current need of Cloud Hosting Control Panels.

Accounts management

Tier based account management is the trend of today. A good Hosting Panel offers 3 tier accounts management, that is account management for Providers, resellers and customers. In this way, the hosting providers know which accounts to give more personalization to.

Branding and customizations

Hosting Panels of today need to cater the need of customization and branding in case of resellers and offer them more flexible options to tailor things according to their business needs.

R&D team: Rapid and fast development life cycle

With this option, the Hosting Service Providers are able to experience fast and Rapid development life cycle experience. A Good Hosting panel is able to give you the opportunity to keep ahead of the competition.

Support (Product and enterprise level)

An ideal Panel is able to provide you a good after sale support. This includes the Product support and support at enterprise level after the deployment of a turnkey solution.

Self-service portals

It is necessary to enable or disable services for consumers so that they can take advantage of those services in a self-service manner giving them independence and control over services like billing, invoicing etc.

Role-based Delegation

A complete Hosting Control Panel provides role-based delegation. This feature is necessary as it gives the option to assign and control different privileges of  features by administrative or non-administrative user according to their role to the related operation or management related task.

Audit and control

In order to stand out from the current market Hosting Control Panels, it is necessary to provide a robust auditing system in which there is more control and transparency of the internal system making the reviewing and inspection processes easier. It should also provide the monitoring support in order to make monitoring clean and transparent.

Anytime, Anywhere

The ability to be accessible from any device and location is the need of current business. Accessibility is the main factor in today’s Control Panels. The support shall be given cross platform and across all devices.

Save time, minimize efforts

A clutter-free control Panel saves you a good amount of time and money. With options of bulk operations and group tasks, it is easier to do more work in just a few clicks and hence save time and efforts.

Billing and Reporting

A seamless way of providing billing and analytics to consumers can make the Hosting Control Panel the best in the market. Giving the feature of decent reporting with few clicks can make things manageable and easy for businesses.

New CSP Direct Bill Requirements

Configuration management with third party plugins

Businesses grow and as a result, they find a need to include third party plugins. A good Hosting Control panel must always have room for third party integrations and should provide help and support for such integrations as well.


The most important feature of a Hosting Control panel is its interface. There is no alternate to a clean and neat interface where it is easy for the consumers to get their hands on the features to use. Users are not able to use half the features of a complicated, yet robust interface. In order to deliver features efficiently, the interface needs to be hassle free.

MachPanel – where you find all the answers

MachPanel is one solution that inhibits the trendy features of 2018 for a successful Cloud Hosting Control Panel. It has room for third parties with third party plugins. With MachPanel, there is a lot more to offer than just audit and control. Consumers can showcase their products and sell them effectively with integrated eCommerce flow. Not only that but billing and reporting made easier as it is just a few clicks work. Its neat interface makes it user-friendly. It manages businesses with end-to-end automation making it the best Cloud Hosting Control Panel choice of this era.

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