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The Latest Change in Microsoft Cloud Agreement and how it can affect Cloud Business


Ever more often, Microsoft updates the Microsoft Cloud Agreement. Up gradations in the agreement have an effect of how Cloud Service Providers do business? Resellers under CSP’s need to take few steps to meet the new requirements set by Microsoft under the updated agreement.

CSPs now have to provide confirmation regarding the acceptance of MCA from the customers, before CSPs and resellers can place order of Microsoft Products and Services.

The new process

In the Partner dashboard, there exists a new addition to assist Microsoft Partners to better comply with new requirements. A Partner Center API is introduced along with the dashboard to provide information to partners. Partners have been required to adhere to confirmation from customer about the acceptance of this agreement on all transactions. Microsoft validates the format of emails after which the partner needs to correct the information if any piece of information is found incorrect.

The responsibility of customers accepting the Microsoft Cloud Agreement lies with the Microsoft Partner and also should keep a record of it. API users’ deadline for the compliance of these requirements has increased. It is now March 22, 2019. After this date, whenever a CSP Partner initiates any kind of transaction for customers (Existing or new) using Partner Center API, the information regarding customer information shall be checked before the transaction proceeds.

Since august 2018, there have been two methods to assist Partners: The Partner Center API and Partner Center Dashboard. In the former method, the acceptance is confirmed programmatically whereas in latter case, customer acceptance is confirmed manually.

When customers buy from an indirect reseller, they are buying the products that are developed by Microsoft, not the indirect seller. Hence, Microsoft expects the customers to accept the Microsoft Cloud Agreement set forth by Microsoft. It is for all the consumers who consume Microsoft Products.

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