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An insight into Microsoft Teams Security for better cloud security


Security and Compliance of all cloud-based products and applications have always been a concern from the beginning of cloud Era. Looking to the importance of cloud security, Security experts perform a detailed cloud security review of almost all latest technological advancements.

Teams is great for Collaboration and Microsoft has put in good amount of effort for its security. The application is Layer D compliant which make it a promising and secure solution for large-grad enterprises and cloud business organizations.

More on certifications; Teams has got SO 27001, ISO 27018, HIPAA, SSAE16 SOC 1 and SOC 2, and EU Model Clauses (EUMC) to its name. Even though certification isn’t a feature that any application offers to its customers, but it is important in terms of cloud security.

Integration with other tools

Not only Teams is secure in itself; it is also easy to integrate it with other tools and still stay secure. Microsoft Teams Security is an important factor for Office 365 users, since MS Teams is built into O365, CSPs can easily change e-discovery settings from Security & Compliance admin center for better cloud security.

Redundancy (for the sake of Legal Proceedings)

Admins can configure Microsoft Teams with “Legal Hold”, which means Microsoft will retain a copy of every type of data even after the original author deletes it, in order to be able to present the data in an evidence for the court of law. Looks like, you’ve got to stay on point while collaborating, at all times!

Data Location and Backups

Microsoft Teams Security is very organized in terms of data. The exact location of your data is not disclosed, but you can be sure it’s somewhere around you. MS Teams supports data location is Americas, EMEA, and APAC region. Your data will mostly be residing local. However, if there is a storm coming from the west coast and your data is residing there, it’ll be shifted to the east coast HD centers without user intervention.


Microsoft Ensures its customers that, Microsoft Teams security has got same privacy regulations as are persistent in Office 365. The data isn’t controlled by Microsoft in any manner and not scanned either. Even the content uploaded or shared in Teams and other products like One Drive for Business, SharePoint Online etc. isn’t accessed by Microsoft.

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