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An insight into Microsoft Teams Mobile App benefits for Cloud business


For all the cloud business users here’s good news: you can avail Microsoft Teams Mobile app benefits on of iOS, Android and Windows phone platforms. Launched in 2017, the Teams Mobile App is gaining popularity since it has proven to be lucrative for cloud business users.

Microsoft Teams was launched to cater the needs of Team management and for the management for business-critical processes that use Microsoft Office 365. It is a digital hub that combines all conversations, discussions, apps, documents, content and other project related entities at one place for better team work. It can be thought of as a shared workplace where discussions and communications are carried out.

Before further ado, let’s have a look at the eminent features of this app and how Teams Mobile App benefits the cloud business users.

Effective Communication

online meetings and group chats make the communication within team very smooth and effective. With extended features like web conferencing and audio and video chat, this provides the necessary team communication that is the requirement of the next level businesses communication to stay on top.

Next-level Collaboration

Teams Mobile App benefits Teams by providing new ways to collaborate. Collaboration is seamless by team management using Office 365 tools such as PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, SharePoint and Excel. In this way, project management is also done from the Teams Mobile App which is beneficial for every cloud business.

Dedicated Communication Channels

With dedicated channels, the whole team can communicate over a shared workspace. In addition to that, private chats are also available amongst teammates as an extra communication channel. Channels can be organized on the basis of location, topic, project or discipline. Managers can easily add teammates to channels once the team expands.

High-end Security

Microsoft Teams Mobile App benefits the managers with an end-to-end administrative control and compliance from Office 365. This also provides security in order to keep teams secure from outside intrusion. Users can join a team using Team code that adds extra security layer to every team channel.

Find and Recall

Recalling business conversation becomes tedious if needed. Using the Teams app, you can save time by recalling conversations using a searching interface. There is also a handy feature of saving business-critical conversations. The feature of customization is also important. In this way, the business-related communication is always up-to-date.

Manage Myspace

With Myspace, there is an option to create a status, personalize Myspace with favorite teams, important chats and channels and keep them on top of others. In this way, the digital workspace is customized. You can add emojis, Gifs and other digital expressions.

Manage Notifications

This feature comes in handy when you are much focused on the task at hand and need to avoid unnecessary notifications. You can customize them based on priorities. Notifications can be turned completely off for unwanted or older chats that are no longer needed. With @ mention, the recipient gets the notification within a team chat, and surprisingly, only the mentioned person will be notified, not the whole team instantly! Whenever a channel gets active, you get a notification for that too.


The digital workspace can be totally customized using the Microsoft apps and third-party services. In this way, plugins can be added and teams/projects can be managed more efficiently with third party tools. In this way, co-workers can discuss projects in a more efficient manner.

Hence Microsoft Teams Mobile App benefits the cloud business users and managers with its up-to-date features that cater state-of-the-art cloud business collaboration needs.

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