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Teams + SharePoint: 3 essential teamwork tips for Providers in Cloud Business


Business Teamwork isn’t just a couple of people working on the same project. Real teamwork revolves around collaboration of people working together on the same project. Microsoft, with its wide variety of productivity software has brought in together a couple of features of multiple online software like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint so that content collaboration becomes easier and teamwork gets a new name.  This way, people and businesses are empowered so that they can focus on the business value rather than staying in complexities.

Experts from Microsoft present three basic tips as a guide to collaborate within teams in Teams and SharePoint:

  • Flow SharePoint news and headlines into Teams

Going through your SharePoint news feed and headlines in Teams looks all so familiar.  Once you are able to do that, every article that you publish automatically appears in your Teams. You can see the page title, a brief description, its thumbnail, mentioned author and publish date of the content. This way, you increase the reach of your cloud business to enhance business teamwork.

  • Develop a business app where there is a separate tab of SharePoint team site home page in Microsoft Teams:

Organizations can add organization news site as a tab in. this way, your marketing group can even manage and share the news portal. This is where your organizational news can circulate and even the consumers can benefit from it. Here you can highlight company-wide events, product launches, external news, new HR guidelines and much more.

  • Create lists in SharePoint and recheck it in Teams

Microsoft SharePoint lists are the core of tracking things in workflows. Lists provide a deep rooted view of everyone who views and interact with the content. Lists keep information up-to-date. A SharePoint list can be added as a Tab in Teams to keep the teamwork alive. Once you add your essential lists there, you can stay in control of the lists while staying in Teams along with navigating views and filter columns on list items necessary to your cloud business.

The combo of SharePoint and Teams together provides a cool business teamwork experience across the whole of the organization.

Experience “Collaboration” Redefined with Teams

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