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10 Ways Microsoft Hosted Exchange Benefits Cloud Businesses


Microsoft Hosting Exchange is your key to Work smarter with Email services for Business. Powered by Microsoft, Exchange online provides the best inline email service that is the need of modern-day business. Not only it centralizes your email into a single manageable solution, but it is also secure and based on Microsoft Cloud. Previously, companies used to opt for Outlook email service. If you had been one of those, worry not, because Outlook Integration is there in modern Microsoft Exchange email service as well. 

Hosted Exchange – Email Hosting for Business

Running a cloud business requires smart moves at the right time. Shifting to Hosted Exchange is your key to modernity. Let’s look at the top 10 ways your customers can benefit from Hosted Exchange. 

  • Unified admin center makes management easier: an easy to use web-based interface provides smoother management
  • Maximum uptime (99/9%): Hosted Exchange is your reliable solution for email services that are always up and running.
  • Stress-free security measures: latest security standards are implemented with advanced protection against threats. Active email protection helps your email conversations with built-in defense.
  • Unified access: You can access email all across your devices. There is also a feature of Unified Contact Store. 
  • Integration with outlook makes tasks smoother: If you are used to your normal outlook way, you can easily integrate with Hosted Exchange.
  • The support is there to back you up: Microsoft offers 24/7 support for Hosted Exchange procedures like migration and deployment.
  • Have Better control over your environment:  Cloud works best if you have full control over it. Hosted Exchange provides you this control to stay ahead of the curve
  • Disaster recovery – at your fingertips: Disaster recovery is essential in this era of cyber threats. Microsoft deploys reliable and trusted DR solutions with its global redundant servers. 
  • Multi-Geo Capabilities in Microsoft 365 ease global data management: This feature is available for Exchange and OneDrive to manage the company’s global data residency 
  • eDiscovery options: Microsoft Exchange offers eDiscovery which allows easy in Place eDiscovery running across SharePoint, Exchange and Microsoft Teams, from a single interface.


MachPanel Automation Module for Hosted Microsoft Exchange

MachPanel is a one-stop solution for all your Cloud computing needs. IT offers easy Microsoft Exchange deployment equipped with after-sales support. The user-friendly interface and stability make it the favorite of Telcos and Hosting Providers. 

Stay ahead of the curve and make your work life easier by offering best hosted Exchange with MachPanel.

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