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An insight into email data backup needs with Microsoft Exchange


Microsoft Exchange is adopted by most enterprises these days as the mainstream tool for business email and collaboration. Since it is one of the most popular email management business productivity tools of this age, businesses are creating more data than ever that is accessible anywhere anytime.

Cloud Data is Your Responsibility

Whether you are making the shift to the Cloud or setting up the on-premises infrastructure, the responsibility to backup data for later recovery lies with the enterprise. Same is the case for Email data. Thus, it is your IT staff’s responsibility to keep track of backups and retrieve data whenever it is required.

Here are 5 reasons why an email backup solution is necessary and why your organization should go for it.

  •         Email us a Ransomware Target

The popularity of Exchange makes it a good target for hacktivists to carry out ransomware attacks within the organization. Mailbox ransomware targets Exchange users and asks for ransom at the cost of their emails and data in email. A good backup will save your organization from huge ransom.

  •         Accidental Deletion is Real

No matter how secure you make your on-perm setup, there is no cure to accidental Deletion.  A good Exchange data backup solution lets you recover your lost email data in case of accidently deleting any important files.

  •         Accounts can be compromised

For enterprises, there is nothing worse than a compromised account which is a gateway to sensitive business and financial information. In case of a compromised account, especially if the account is a privileged one, the results can be catastrophic for the organization. If the person behind the scene deletes something, the data cannot be recovered absolutely.

  •         Inactive users can be very costly

In case of those employees who have left the organization, it is essential to have a backup of their email and data in case it is needed in the future.  Once the backup is taken, the account must be deleted. In case you miss this, you might have to pay for their account license, which can be very costly.

  •         IT fosters business continuity plan

In this time of uncertainty, businesses always go for a business continuity plan in order to keep moving in case of a catastrophic hit. Keeping a backup of emails is one way you can keep track of your data while in case of a disaster.


MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft Exchange Server

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