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4 Easy Steps for Exchange Cross Forest Migration


Cross forest migration refers to Exchange mailboxes migration amongst Active Directories. Companies often opt for such a migration when a cross Domain functionality is required i.e. Microsoft Exchange deployment is needed on a new Domain. This is a tedious process, where there is a lot of command line handling and PowerShell scripts that may result in data loss, if not handled properly. Thus, the whole procedure needs to be done by experts who know their work.

MachPanel enables Smart Cross Forest Migration where Exchange mailboxes are migrated from Exchange servers in one forest to Exchange servers in other forests. It requires a Migration Exchange with Settings, Properties and Permissions of Exchange identities. It is best done with a Solution for Cross forest migration. In reality, moving mailboxes in the Exchange Server amongst Active Directories is quite a Task to do.

In this short how-to guide, we explain how this process can be done effectively with MachPanel.

Step 1: Check your stats

The initial page for Mailbox migration displays all the stats that exist for existing batches and Mailboxes. This is the dashboard that will show you the changes after you perform the migrations successfully.

Step 2: Define the End points

Before you start migrating the mailboxes, the endpoints have to be configured. So in this section, you’ll need to define your source and destination endpoints. The configuration details include Endpoint name, Domain name Source mailbox email address and admin login details.

Step 3: Migrate in Batches

One smart way of performing migrations is to migrate in batches. This way, the overall migration process is divided into phases and the process is performed seamlessly. For this, you need to Add batches, select users for the batches and update the batch options. As a best practice, one must notify the users whose names are included in the next batch.

Step 4: Complete the Migration

Now is the time to carry out the migration. With a state-of-the-art Solution for Cross Forest Exchange Migration, you can see the stats of Exchange migration amongst Active Directories in real-time.


MachPanel Solution for Cross Forest Exchange Migration

MachPanel provides Migration of Mailboxes and Archive Mailboxes (default folders, custom folders, rules, tasks, contacts and calendars). With this solution, you get Real-time monitoring and alerts of the status of each Batch and each mailbox during the batch migration process. With this solution, no cross-forest trust is required, there’s zero downtime and you can get real-time Migration batches statistics.

Get started with MachPanel’s Solution for Cross Forest Migration today for a successful migration.

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