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Simplifying Cross Forest Migration with MachPanel


Cross Forest Migration refers to Migrating Exchange mailboxes from Exchange servers in one forest to Exchange servers in another forests. It offers Exchange Mailbox Migration with all the Settings, Properties and Permissions of Exchange identities. Moving mailboxes in Exchange Server is quite a Task to do and it is best done by using a Cross Forest Migration Solution.

Cross Forest Migration also works well when a company needs to merge another company’s employees. In case of rebranding a new acquisition, there is a need to integrate the two companies on a single hosted exchange platform. This way, the new company employees can be listed on the same Global Address List (GAL) and provide features like shared calendars and the same email address. This is where Cross Forest Migration steps in.

Cross Forest Migration with MachPanel

A complete process of cross-forest Exchange migration can be a large undertaking by itself. It requires you to run cmdlets and establish trust between source and target servers. MachPanel simplifies this process and speeds up cross-domain and cross-forest migration between hosted Exchange environments. In comparison to a native migration solution, MachPanel automates most of the processes of the hosted environment.

MachPanel Solution for Cross Forest Exchange for easy Exchange Migration

With MachPanel, you can perform Migration of Mailboxes and Archive Mailboxes (Default folders, Custom folders, Rules, Tasks, Contacts, and Calendars). MachPanel provides real-time monitoring and alerts of the status of each Batch and mailbox during the migration process.

  • Smart Migration

MachPanel assists you to enable users by creating single or bulk mail.  You also have migration choices on Single mailbox and Bulk mailbox migration. With MachPanel, it is possible to automate the required processes and Create or Map Mailboxes/Archives and their properties (MailboxGuid, ArchiveGuid, etc. from source to target forest, with Password migration via MachPanel ADSync. Here’s a guide to Exchange mailbox Migration from Exchange servers from one forest to another. You can reach out to MachPanel experts for more guidance.

  • Realtime Monitoring and Scheduling

MachPanel enables the admins to monitor Migration processes in real-time. You can also set up alerts to be generated and the status of each batch and mailbox during the migration process. You can also set up Scheduling of migration batches.

  • Configuration Migration

Configuration management is streamlined with MachPanel. All the configuration data and metadata is exported in XML and with an import option in the dashboard, you can apply this XML per tenant. The entire process is logged with the extensive logging feature.

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