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New Microsoft 365 features for Remote Communications


The popularity of remote communications software has been ever increasing in the past 20 years. There have been various virtual meetings software lately introduced by various providers. Microsoft has been a keen player in providing online collaboration tools for the fulfillment of modern-day business communication needs. Microsoft 365 is equipped with the best in line tools that provide the environment needed for productive business operations.

The improved virtual meeting experience with Teams

Microsoft 365 has recently introduced various features for improved virtual meetings within the Microsoft 365 family. With additional features in Microsoft Teams, online meetings can become more focused, and provide the best collaborative experience to Teams users. Following are a few features that have been carefully crafted keeping real-time requirements in mind.

  • Real-time noise suppression

It makes you able to focus on the meeting better since this feature minimizes background noises like a keyboard typing. Virtual meetings software equipped with a noise suppression keeps the flow of remote communications intact.

  • The raise-hand feature

For a large number of people within the meeting, it sometimes becomes harder to raise a point when you have got one. The raise-hand feature lets you chime into the remote communication meeting and have your say.

  • Bookings app in Teams: IT can be used to schedule, manage and execute virtual appointments during remote communication.
  • Offline and low-bandwidth support: for people having internet connectivity issues, this feature lets them access their chats and messages even without the internet.
  • Emergency events: the new crisis management Site in SharePoint lets organizations take hold of the news and related resources in one place.
  • A cloud-based print solution: Universal Print is a cloud-based print infrastructure to facilitate employees with a secure printing experience alleviating the heavy server-based installations of printing services organization-wide. It is another dimension of remote communications.
  • Cloud files management with SP and OneDrive: Mover is now available to Microsoft 365. So, users can now seamlessly migrate cloud-based files into Microsoft cloud to OneDrive and SharePoint.

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