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The Office 365 API Editor is Here | Exchange and Office 365 App Development Gets Easy


The All new Microsoft Office 365 API editor is announced to facilitate developers in working with Exchange Online including different Microsoft Exchange Versions. This API is also beneficial for developers who work with Office 365 applications. This editor sends relevant API calls. There are two modes that are beneficial for the developers and given through Microsoft Support: Editor Mode and Mailbox View Mode.

The best thing about this API Editor is that it is open source and available on Github. There is no paid Microsoft support specifically for Office 365 API developers. Engineers at Microsoft and Github community users are the best support for developers who fall into any issue with this API Editor.

The Requirements

There are a few basic requirements to get started in working with Office 365 API Editor.  The developer has to have am Office 365 account or a simple Microsoft Account. The developer system must have a .NET framework 4.5 or later. In order for development to work on Office 365 API Editor Developer must have a system of minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768. After fulfilling these requirements, you can use Office 365 API Editor.

If a built in app-id is being used, there is no need to register application in the Azure Active Directory or Application Registration Portal. Both managed and federate accounts can be used as office 365 accounts. For federated accounts, there is a need to enable Forms Authentication. However, if you opt for managed accounts, you’ll experience a simple authentication flow.

The Two Modes

A diverse Microsoft support is provided to Office365APIEditor is immense. There is support for Microsoft Graph API, Outlook REST API and Office 365 Management Activity API.

Editor mode

In editor mode, there is Microsoft support to send API requests to Graph API (, REST API ( and Office 365 Management Activity API ( If the developer isn’t using built-in application ID, an App ID registered in Azure Active Directory can be used to get access token.

Mailbox view mode

The default view is the Mailbox view. This displays mailbox contents browsing using Outlook REST API. The mailbox must be hosted on Exchange Online or and you must have access to it. In this view, older, items, and mailbox properties can be displayed.

For Calendar and Tasks Folders, Outlook REST API doesn’t possess a folder hierarchy. Calendar groups and Tasks groups are considered under a dummy root folder. Mail and Contact details are shown under MsgFolderRoot.

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