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How the latest Microsoft 365 features can answer the next wave of Privacy concerns


For all the compliance professionals out there, here is good news: In the Microsoft 365 features; there is an addition with the introduction of Microsoft 365 compliance center. Pertaining to the wave of privacy regulations after the enactment of the latest European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Organizations are having a better understanding of their privacy risk especially in the cloud. The compliance center is just the answer to all the doubts to your privacy concerns for your cloud business. The fun doesn’t end here; there are many more announcements, especially for Mac and iOS users regarding protection and safety of their sensitive data. Let’s dive into these Microsoft 365 features and look to them one by one.

The Microsoft 365 compliance center

The Microsoft 365 compliance center is a dedicated workspace in order to facilitate compliance professionals with all their security management related assessments and other ops like compliance risk assessment, data protection with Data Governance feature, Data Subject Requests and other Microsoft 365 services through intelligent platform that provides a unified experience as part of latest Microsoft 365 features. Actionable insights are provided in order to improve compliance to GDPR and ISO.

Microsoft Information Protection capabilities

These are exciting capabilities and Microsoft 365 features that Microsoft has to offer for the protection of sensitive data. These capabilities include classifying content, applying labels to different types of documents and emails. Here comes the juicy part for Mac users and smartphone users, these capabilities can be implemented from Office apps on Mac and Office mobile apps designed for iOS and Android. Labels like “Highly Confidential” can be added to a document and the relevant protection policy, like access restrictions and encryption techniques defined for highly confidential email and documents, would be implemented over those documents. Other labels include Public, Non- Business, Confidential and General.

Insights and granular controls

Insights have become the core of every business-centric activity these days. Microsoft has previewed a Label Analytics dashboard as a part of future Microsoft 365 features that enables data classification and policies viewing capabilities. This is an additional feature in the Microsoft Office compliance center that lets you analyze the usage of sensitive and retention labels across Office 365 data and non-Office 365 data. It also streamlines management of data governance

eDiscovery capabilities

The latest eDiscovery capabilities provide a different and better look and feel, with features amongst other Microsoft 365 features like holding notifications, acknowledgment tracking, integrated review and many more. You can also isolate case-related contents for specific analysis for any legal matter. The review and redact capabilities are provided so as to get all the documents and legal matters streamlined with necessary modifications. These are important Microsoft 365 features.

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