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Tips to use Excel Web Access Web Part effectively


This post is about using the Excel Web Access Web Part to dynamically show a workbook.

The Problem

Many times, customers reach out to know more about Excel workbooks. Presently, SharePoint online offers a script editor or content editor to make users display Excel workbooks in an iframe. It is quite possible to write a jquery code within the script web part and dynamically set the excel workbook to iframe’s src. This comes with an issue that continuously displays the O365 Global Suite Navigation bar of the Excel web app. There was no way to hide that with the help of CSS or jquery while loading Excel web parts dynamically until the following solution came up.

The Solution

The solutions use Excel Web Access Web part and list view web part. These two web parts are connected So the list view web part sends the URL to view into the Excel Web Access Web part with a filter via the JSLink. The steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Create a Document Library and a View named MyExcelFileView. Add various fields including “Created By”
  2. Create a web part page (You can also use any existing Wiki page), edit it, and add 2 web parts.
  3. Upload javascript files to the SiteAssets library.
  4. Edit List view web part. Under Miscellaneous option, set JSLink;
  5. Set desired Appearance layouts and select what to display. The field “Created by” must be a part of the view
  6. All the workbooks of the logged-in user will be filtered.
  7. While the page is in Edit mode, you need to add Excel Web Access web part from Business Data
    1. Goto Connections> Get Workbook Url from -> A popup will load. Select Field Name “Document URL” and save the excel web part.
    2. Uncheck the box “Title Bar”
    3. Save Web part, page and publish

You can now see excel is already loaded in the excel web part.

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