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Is deploying SharePoint Hybrid still a win-win for your cloud business?


We have moved past the phase when cloud was new and the decision about deploying SharePoint hybrid, Online or on-premise was important for early adopters. However, over the past few years, a major shift is observed towards SharePoint Hybrid. Yet, there are many businesses that adopted SharePoint on-premises as an early adoption and still have to come a long way before they can finally settle to SharePoint Online.  As an early solution, SharePoint hybrid is the way to go for any cloud business. Today, we’ll cover how SharePoint hybrid is a win-win solution for business and how the latest Microsoft updates on SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-premises frameworks will impact SharePoint Hybrid.

Flexible SharePoint hybrid deployments

Since SharePoint 2016 was launched, the option of Hybrid became more widespread. Since there was no firm restriction to opt for SharePoint cloud or SharePoint Server, business can opt to approach SharePoint Cloud at their own pace based on various scenarios. The “Site and Search” deployment scenarios gained popularity where organizations can select the location of sites according to their convenience. Files like media assets that require more space can be hosted in Cloud, or files that contain sensitive information can be hosted in the server and it’s needless to shift them in the cloud until the organization is fully ready for it.

SharePoint Hybrid with Office 365

The harmony between SharePoint hybrid environment and other Microsoft technologies has proved to be a productive for cloud businesses. Microsoft service like Power BI, Office 365, Yammer, Planner, Exchange and many more are compatible with SharePoint Hybrid environments and provide all the functionality available in the cloud.

The Hybrid search experience

Hybrid search is one feature that makes SharePoint Hybrid a win-win for cloud business. With hybrid search, content from the Cloud environment and on-premises is readily available because it enables a unified search index.

More security and control

In a SharePoint hybrid environment, since you are more in control of your Cloud, things are more secure than you’d expect in a complete Cloud or complete on-premises environment. More certainly, you can’t expect to implement, while deploying SharePoint hybrid, the level of security Microsoft or other Tech giant implements in their Cloud and offers to its customers.

Hybrid auditing

This feature in SharePoint allows SharePoint Admins to push the audit logs of the company from On-Premises to the Office 365 Unified Audit Log. In this way, there is a single location from where you can view audit log that comes from both on-premises and SharePoint online.  However, this feature is yet available in SharePoint Server 2016 and at the time of this writing, the audit log feature is in public preview for SharePoint Server 2019. Once the feature is releases for SharePoint 2019, you can experience the unified Audit log experience for SharePoint Server 2019 as well.

Hybrid Business Connectivity Services

In order to have a secured view of data from external systems, you can make use of the Hybrid Business Connectivity Services. Data can be imported as a SharePoint List in Office 365 from systems like SQL Server Database and users can edit and view the data remotely. No on-premises connection is required for the purpose of accessing data.

MachPanel Automation module for SharePoint Hybrid

MachPanel is a Multi-Cloud Operations Management and Orchestration Solutions Platform designed for easy automation and management of Microsoft services in cloud business. The automation module for SharePoint makes the selling of SharePoint services manageable as a hosted cloud solution. It makes CSPs in control of their cloud whether it is SharePoint Online for which they are opting for or SharePoint Server 2019, 2016 and 2013. By easy billing, provisioning and management through built-in multi-tenancy and segregation for Microsoft SharePoint 2019 and previous versions, CSPs stay ahead of the curve with their cloud offerings in their cloud business.

Taking all these SharePoint benefits into account, it is high time you go for MachPanel’s services for Microsoft SharePoint hybrid deployments and lead in the cloud business with reliability and better management.


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