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An Insight to Backup SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business


Shifting data to SharePoint cloud is one of the most popular ways to storage these days. For businesses, handling data is crucial as data has attained the status of an important asset. Microsoft has introduced various business–critical applications that fulfill the need of data handling within the cloud business space.

Backup SharePoint Online and OneDrive

The need for backup is critical than ever before.  Microsoft Applications like Office 365, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business have a distinct way of storing data. And hence for all the companies out there who want their data preserved, must not rely on Cloud data only; Data backup is a must-have. For the decision of choosing a backup solution, there are two basic questions that need to be answered: First, whether the data can be entrusted to a third party? Secondly, can the company afford to comply strictly with the data protection regulations?

The Native Approach

Primarily, there are no backups in the Cloud in SharePoint Online. However, there are ways to recover deleted site collections in Microsoft SharePoint online. Other than that, there are two approaches, which are ‘thought of’ as a native backup solution. These approaches are:

  • Retention Policy: it allows retaining deleted items. In case of SharePoint, it is present for chosen sites. Under this policy, Preservation Hold Libraries are created which retain deleted data for a specific amount of time.
  • Litigation hold: this is an Office 365 eDiscovery tool. Primarily, this tool is used to hold content in case there are any legal actions to be taken. Since it prevents deletion in entirety, it is used as an alternate to backup.

The Solution

Backing up SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business is offered by many third-party providers. They provide backup for Private Site Collections and OneDrive for Business Sites, Public Site (and all sub- sites), SharePoint Online Team Site (and all sub-sites). You can also protect your customers and promote customer retention. Further, Lists are maintained, file versioning is performed and maintained, Folders, Sites and subsites are backed up. Same is the backup case for OneDrive for business; your full account, Folders and Files are backed up with proper versions. These services provide up to 6 backups each day and take snapshots to make sure the backups keep up with customers.

Tips to Fine-Tune performance of SharePoint Online

MachPanel Automation Tool for SharePoint Server

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