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How to make the best use of the Microsoft’s free SharePoint Migration Tool


Cloud operations are mandatory for Cloud business success. Free SharePoint Migration is a dream come true for CSPs, since they are always in search for best solutions all over the web that can facilitateSharePoint Migration Tool their Cloud business on-goings. This free tool is provided by Microsoft for its SharePoint Migration for business.

In a nutshell, the free SharePoint Migration tool lets the SharePoint users migrate their lists or files from on-premises files and document libraries to either OneDrive in Office 365 or SharePoint Online. This free SharePoint Migration tool makes the users able to take advantage of collaboration, security and Intelligence solutions with Microsoft Office 365.

In addition to that, here are a few areas which we find interesting about the free SharePoint Migration tool by Microsoft. Let’s have a look:

Status of File permissions upon migration

Technically speaking, once you synchronize Active Directory accounts to Azure Active Directory (AAD), file permission settings are changed once they are migrated to SharePoint online. However, if there is a corresponding user in SharePoint Online, syncing accounts from Active Directory to AAD shall not disturb the on-premises file permissions.

Location of Data

It is best to decide data storage destination in advance because you will be prompted for current location of data files and the location where you wish to move the data files in SharePoint Online site collection, once you are using the free SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT). You can either select the source to be an on-premises SharePoint Server 2013 site, plus there is also an option to choose from a local file share or any current network path.

Monitoring and resuming migration jobs in free SharePoint Migration tool

Once you perform the migrations, you can always monitor and check the status of migration jobs. A View Task Report option is available which shows reports like ItemReport.csv, ItemSummary.csv and ScanSummary.csv. The tool gives the option to resume migrations from any device, if the tool needs to be closed before the job is submitted.

Incremental Migration

To speed things up for future migrations, Microsoft has enabled a feature in the free SharePoint Migration tool where a migration can be saved after it is completed so it can be re-run at a later stage and only those files or updates shall be migrated from source location that are changed after the initial migration is completed.

Insight to Backup SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

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