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Migrate to SharePoint Online or upgrade to SharePoint Server: Which is Better?


When it comes to the decision about migrating or up gradation, organizations need to go slow but sure. The most important factor that needs to be considered by organizations of any size before opting for Microsoft SharePointmigration is Cost. This is a huge factor that cannot be understated. It is important to analyze how much migration will cost the business.

In order to get a legitimate answer, it is important to analyze different aspects like Scalability, Licensing etc. Microsoft SharePoint 2016 has significant benefits for businesses. In case of Scalability, it is important to analyze how Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is scalable without lowering performance of the system. There is even quite a good integration with Microsoft Office 365 which gives you quite a control over license costs per member of staff. This feature is most beneficial for small businesses and growing teams.

Upgrading to Microsoft SharePoint Server

A Microsoft SharePoint upgrade is recommended when the existing version is SharePoint 2010 or higher. The taxonomy is well-informed. There needs to be a decent architecture of existing Site Collections and content databases. The content has to be properly distributed and folder structures should not be too shallow. It is best to upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint 2016 when Site templates are used that include Team Site, Document Center or Records Center. It is also necessary that the existing version shall be a lower version than the version which you are planning to upgrade to.

Migrating to Microsoft SharePoint Online

Executing a business content migration is not easy. In fact, consolidating legacy information into a latest environment is not an easy task either. There are many challenges, benefits and other technical considerations. Migrations are recommended when the original Document repository is not Microsoft SharePoint or it is not SharePoint 2010 or higher. It is better to migrate to Microsoft SharePoint online when architecture of taxonomy needs a redesign in your business. It is also best to opt when content is improperly distributed. If customer site templates were used for initial document repository site collection, it is better to migrate rather than upgrade because that makes up gradation overly complicated and costly.

Major announcements on SharePoint Server 2019 on-premises

MachPanel Automation Module for SharePoint

MachPanel is a complete solution control panel where you can effectively sell Microsoft SharePoint 2016/2013/2010 as hosted solution on cloud. The services of deployment and migration can be utilized as MachSol offers excellent turn-key services for Microsoft SharePoint design and deployment with better reliability and good scalability for your business. Whether you plan to upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint On-Premises or plan to migrate to SharePoint Online, MachPanel is your gateway to a successful execution along with added support that is available 24/7. By opting for MachPanel you even get after migration support and hence the stability of your business is guaranteed.

So grab this opportunity to grow your business beyond measures with MachPanel Automation module for SharePoint.

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