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Major announcements on SharePoint Server 2019 on-premises


With the official preview of SharePoint 2019 just around the corner, here is a look at the much-anticipated upgrade of SharePoint Server, for the on-premises users.

Companies still tend to keep their data inbound and hence prefer to go for SharePoint on-premises. Microsoft has known it for a long time and now it has finally announced many benefits for on-premises users in the upcoming SharePoint version which were initially available for SharePoint Online or Hybrid users only. Yet again, migration has been made easy in SharePoint Server 2019 and so users from SharePoint 2010, 2013 or 2016 will be looking forward to upgrade to get the new feel on the UI improvements, the modern sites, integrated support for libraries and most importantly they are eager to get their hands on the improved support for their business processes with Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Power Apps. With Microsoft SharePoint 2019, customers will be able to handle mission-critical workloads in a much reliable manner. With enhanced support collaboration the feature for better automation of business processes is also introduced, making SharePoint 2019 tentatively the most compelling and collaborative experience for users.

All these business incentives make Service Providers eager to begin offering the latest SharePoint Release and facilitate their customers from the features in a profitable manner. Not only SharePoint manages businesses in a modern and automated fashion but the chances of businesses to flourish by availing SharePoint on premises features are much high.

Let’s have a look at the features of SharePoint Server 2019 (on- premises) that make Service Providers consider offering SharePoint as a hosted service.

What’s New in SharePoint Server 2019

NextGen OneDrive Sync

With this feature available for on-premises users, much of the work flow of users will get easier. For Example: Documents from Emails will directly be saved to the relevant folder in OneDrive on the basis of user preference making workflow less tedious. In simple, SharePoint server 2019 will bring OneDrive features to the on-premises world and this will also include the Sync Client as is in Office 365.

PowerApps integration

With PowerApps being made available for on premises users, they will be able to change the way incidents are managed. With pre-built templates that reduce development time of business apps, which also doesn’t require much coding knowledge, business apps will be available for multiple mobile platforms.

Microsoft Flow

This feature allows for creating a flow of tasks or actions across different Microsoft applications. This makes workflows between Microsoft programs smoother and easier. Availability of Microsoft Flow automates commonplace recurring tasks and saves time.

A different User Experience

UX and UI improvements have been necessary for a better user experience. The UX improvements in document libraries and navigation methods that have been proved successful in Microsoft Office 365 have been introduced in SharePoint 2019 too.

Team News

Collaboration between teams is improved by announcing news to all team members. With Microsoft Teams integration with SharePoint, working in a team and collaboration has become much easier by the feature of Announcement for users of web and mobile.

Communication sites

This feature is much needed for communication and sharing of knowledge between teams in a more engaging and compelling format. With this feature available for on-perm users, anyone can make beautifully crafted content for example wiki pages that look visually appealing.

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