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How to Optimize SharePoint Online performance


The popularity of SharePoint Online with Cloud Service Providers has made it the fastest growing Microsoft product in recent years. The key to its success is better application performance which makes it fruitful for deployments and adoptions. Let’s have a look at a few techniques that Cloud Service Providers can follow to improve the overall performance of SharePoint server.

Tips to Fine-Tune performance of SharePoint Online

  1. Image Optimization

Images make the overall design appealing but their size can greatly affect page loading speed that can have a huge impact SharePoint Onlineon site performance. The ideal way to use images on a SharePoint Site is to use sprites approach (an image Sprite is a technique of showing multiple images on your site that are actually a portion of one larger image, as it reduces HTTP traffic since you are downloading more images in one request). Further, it is necessary to use image compression and image optimization techniques before using them on your site.

  1. Minification and Bundling

Customization a web-page results in a lot of extra files being added to the server for support. The process of minification minimizes the size of these fields by removing extra white spaces and unnecessary characters. This reduces overall size of files and hence improves performance of site by giving low overhead on the server. Images can be bundled in an image sprite, as mentioned earlier.

  1. Navigation Options

Choosing configuration options for SharePoint site makes significant impacts of performances. Options like, Managed (Metadata) navigation is recommended whereas Structural navigation is not recommended for better performance. Navigation providers work seamlessly with responsive page designs. Plus, they are scalable and are able to render without a resource cost. Cloud Service Providers need to focus on navigation options for better site results.

  1. Delay Loading Images and JavaScript

Modern browser pre-fetch the images to be loaded within the HTML page. Another technique to make SharePoint Online site load efficiently is to delay loading images using JavaScript. Images will be loaded as the user scrolls towards it.

  1. Use the Page Diagnostics Tool

Publishing pages using classic publishing can be a overhead on the SharePoint site. It is best to use page diagnostic tools for that purpose. Install it to your site to make publishing efficient.

  1. Using Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery networks or CDNs can increase SharePoint Online Performance. CDN is a worldwide network of different servers that host the same file simultaneously. In this way, the server that is closest to the user requesting that file, can serve the file in less time as compared to the main server located far away. Cloud Service Providers must take this into account.

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