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Benefits of collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint and Teams


Despite the numerous benefits of Microsoft SharePoint On-premise and Online, there is a huge trend in using SharePoint with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is yet another product of Microsoft that makes interaction and communication of teams and groups productive.  Interactions through chats, meetings and calls are made easier within teammates especially with its business calls experience on multiple devices. With Microsoft Teams, Office 365 apps are integrated hence collaboration is made easier within documents.

A new level of collaboration is emerged once SharePoint is used alongside Teams. Let’s have a look at how did the collaboration space has taken the form in the cloud and how Teams work and benefit your business:

Teams are Tasks oriented
It is necessary to keep all things related to one task in one place like messages, notes, and meetings documents. If the relevant teammates are online for immediate access, it is always a plus.

Extra work eliminated
While working with Teams, many things get streamlined and hence the need of extra work is eliminated like extra e-mails, notification to relevant members, or documents being shared explicitly to teammates after each revision. The need of various small tasks is eliminated altogether.

Information sharing gets smoother
Teams provide a great way to collaborate within a channel. Any meeting can be called right on spot. Brainstorming sessions and online collaborations on e.g. whiteboards get much easier while working with Teams.

You might think that in all this Teams scenarios, where does SharePoint come in?  The answer to that is: Both Teams and SharePoint team sites have one thing in common: they are organized by a project, topic, an organization or some other point of focus for a team in the cloud. So, channels and Teams often have a similar structure for project sites and SharePoint team respectively.

Teams Documents can be shared and stored to SharePoint and OneDrive and have a number of benefits for businesses.  Here are major points:

  1. There are two special protocols which are common to SharePoint and One Drive along with Teams and that are: WOPI and FSSHTTP. These protocols are responsible for document co-authoring along with dealing of online versions of Office Applications. So, Documents can be worked on Teams alongside Sharepoint without any co-authoring conflicts.
  2. SharePoint and Teams both provide previewed and opened in Teams and SharePoint. There is an option to open Files in SharePoint, while working on Teams. There are no compatibility issues.
  3. With documents been worked on at SharePoint, they are better protected, automatically classified and labeled, discoverable with eDiscovery and prevented from Data Loss.

With these extra benefits of handling documents in Teams and SharePoint, the project team gets the benefit of both the worlds. Better collaboration leads to lesser complications, both in documentation and in practice. This not only enhances the performance of the team with better collaboration in the cloud, but also proves beneficial for the business.

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