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Companies today move to the cloud not only because it has become a necessity but also because it is the only way to proceed in order to catch up with NextGen business trends. The cloud, today, offers much more return in return of business investment.

Microsoft has provided many interesting solutions for Cloud users of which most of them favor the CSPs in terms of business Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premise & Cloudreturn. Out of these solutions is Dynamic 365. Like in SharePoint and Exchange, CSPs have an option to either opt for Dynamics 365 Online and Dynamics On-premises. Dynamics 365 On-line is hosted by Microsoft on their Cloud servers whereas Dynamics 365 On-premise is hosted in the Provider’s data center. Here are a few key differences of both variations of Dynamics 365 solutions:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Cloud)

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft takes the responsibility to host data which is accessible online. This solution has the following features:

Cost Benefits: Implementation of CRM is possible quickly and efficiently without any need of in-house technical resources or the introduction of other hardware expenses. Furthermore, There is no cost of upfront licenses neither there is any recurring fee for renewal of software license. The monthly subscriptions are predictable and there are no hidden costs.

Maintained: The Online solution avoids the burden of maintained of a dedicated server for the enterprise.

Updates: Feature updates are sent to Dynamics 365 Online customers before they are available for Dynamics on-premise customers.

Uptime: The service is up 99.9% of the time according to your initial agreement under this solution plan; it is also backed by Microsoft financially.

Disaster Recovery: For the users of Dynamics 365, data protection is done with 5 layers of security. It also offers Disaster Recovery service in case of calamities. The DR Service complies with ISO27001 & EU standards.

Collaboration: Dynamics 365 Online works on the platform of Office 365 in order to combine the benefits of CRM with Skype, SharePoint and hosted Exchange services of Microsoft.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (On-Premises)

Cost: It reduces investment costs since the Dynamics 365 on-premise infrastructure is set up within enterprise premises. That makes the company’s existing IT in investments being utilized to establish IT infrastructure.

Ownership: Enterprises who opt for this solution retain entire ownership of their data

Control: you are in full control over the CRM updates

Management: With Dynamics 365 On-premise, the responsibility of management and maintained of database, that includes disaster recovery models and uptime factor of the server, lies with the enterprise. In this way, you will be able to utilize your in-house staff and technical resources for maintained and management of CRM.

Storage limit: Dynamics 365 on-premise protects enterprises from rising data storage costs. The default limit of cloud storage is set to 10GB.

Updates: On-premise customers get updates after Dynamics 365 Online customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – CRM (on-premises) and Multi-tenancy

MachPanel and Automated Module for Dynamics 365

MachPanel provides entire business automation and lifecycle management solutions with reliability and better margin for CSPs. With MachPanel Automated Module for Microsoft Dynamics 365, all operations of  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Server/Dynamics CRM 2016/2015/2013 can be implemented along with ADFS 3.0 and enabling your enterprise to move smartly towards better productivity. It adds billing, poisoning and management of CRM services to customers ‘hosted platforms. The automated solutions allow enterprises to function better by covering core functional Dynamics 365 capabilities.

Now that you know about it, get your hands on MachPanel for a promising business growth and better lifecycle management.

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