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The Power of cloud Business Intelligence: Dynamics and Power BI


Experts often debate on the steps Microsoft takes for its Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI services since both favor cloud Business intelligence. To cope up with increasing digitization and growing market competition, companies need to have a grip on tools and trendy approaches towards effective decision making. This brings us to tools that display visualizations that facilitate decisions making: BI tools. Microsoft offers two of its most popular BI tools for effective visualization of data and statistics for businesses. One of them is Dynamics 365 and the other is Power BI. Let’s have a deep dive into these and explore their effectiveness for Cloud business users.


Dynamics 365 and its uses

Decision making is not just a one step process. MS Dynamics 365 makes you able to understand what prospects are hot and which are not. Dynamics is used particularly for ERP systems that constitute of CRM systems as well. Together CRM and Dynamics 365 make you able to take better business decisions for future. This can ultimately decide whom you should contact and at what time precisely. Sales forecasts make CSP decide whether to grow your sales and marketing team since more sales are required. Furthermore with ERP, you are able to track down the inventory management in your cloud business and order in advance if there is a prediction of shortage of products.

Importance of Dynamics 365 from data perspective

When it comes to data, there is no use of it if it is not analyzed.  There are many options in Dynamics 365 available which can help you unlock the potential of data and hence make it usable for the business. This brings data from all parts that are scattered throughout multiple cloud systems and hence integrates them together for better predictability.

Dynamics 365 Availability in Azure

Azure Cloud offers the management, storage and backup along with controlling data access for Dynamics 365 users. You have to be a user of the systems in order to have access to dashboards.

Power BI and its uses

Business Intelligence empowers CSPs by adding more value to their cloud offerings and strengthening customer relationships since it helps customers take better decisions. Power BI is a powerful reporting and analytics tool specially designed for data visualizations. It makes you able to visualize data that is coming from any service like Google Analytics, Marketo, SAP HANA, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, MailChimp or even GitHub. For example, it can be used for comparison between website visitors to sales or highlight that which promotional campaigns have resulted in more customers.

There are options to ask questions in real time and be able to make custom visualizations.  Visual information can be categorized based on different levels of users like manager and business analyst’s to perform cloud Business Intelligence analysis etc. Information can be presented at a glance which displays target metrics and actual achieved figures.

Importance of Power BI from data perspective

In power BI Dashboards are more powerful. But at the same time, they require in-depth knowledge of databases and SQL in order to build the initial data view. Hence it has more power than Dynamics 365 and also makes to possible share insights that come from cloud Business Intelligence using Power BI. The rich dashboards provide all the flexibility needed to monitor the business on-goings more closely.

Power BI Availability in Azure

Power BI accounts can be setup for free with Office 365 accounts. For Azure, Power BI is introduced by Microsoft as Power BI embedded with which you can get the visually rich features of dashboards with the Azure Portal.

The bonus tip

Together Dynamics 365 and Power BI can do wonders for cloud business. Power BI is a decent suite of business analytics tools for better organization and presentation of data that supports decision making process. Both can be used simultaneously. If you are a Dynamics 365 person, you can check out Power BI visualizations through Reporting Tab. In the Power BI case, you can select Dynamics 365 Organization as a data source which makes the system sync all organization’s data and show you visualizations. In addition to that, you can also integrate third party tools and apps for cloud Business intelligence like Cortana Intelligence Suite. This suit is not only easily integrated with Dynamics 365 but also offers intelligent actions.

For finance and operations, both Dynamics 365 and Power BI can work together to build personalized workspaces by making use of Power BI tiles and add links to several reports which are hosted in In this way, these Power BI reports can be directly accessed from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Together the concepts of Big Data analysis, Artificial intelligence and cloud Business intelligence work towards the improvement of the process of making business decisions.

MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & CRM and Microsoft CSP

MachPanel is your next up automation tool for a variety of dynamic services. Its Automation Module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & CRM keeps all you’re billing and provisioning streamlined in addition to the CRM Services on a hosted platform in the cloud. It provides features for CRM Organization creation/deletion, Enable/Disable CRM Organization, CRM organization/user/roles management, reporting etc. which make the organization make better business decisions and eases the amount of work needed for the purpose. With MachPanel, business productivity is bound to increase and hence CSPs are able to scale cloud business like never before.

In addition to this, MachPanel offers a complete CSP Automation Platform where Providers can resell Microsoft Office 365 & Azure services as a CSP Indirect Provider, Direct Partners & Indirect Resellers. End- to-end automation, simplified billing process and the diverse options to showcase, bundle and sell Cloud business services make MachPanel a favorite platform of CSPs in the market.

So, here’s your chance to get MachPanel with best features at affordable rates for a better cloud business journey.

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