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5 Major Dynamics 365 benefits for your Cloud Operations Team


Microsoft’s step to push the CRM market with Dynamics 365 has resulted in multiple Dynamics 365 benefits for cloud operations team in the cloud space. Not only it has robust Customer relationship management features, but it also encompasses ERP tools for better productivity.

For all IT gurus out there, there are obvious Dynamics 365 benefits that can lead to a prosperous business since there is a good ROI on implementing Dynamics 365. On the other hand, customers still have ambiguities in mind and are still unaware of “under the hood” benefits of combining a decent CRM with a promising ERP system.

Here are 5 major ways by which Dynamics 365 can facilitate your cloud operations Team to take business operations to a next level.

  • Improve customer retention

There are many ways Dynamics 365 facilitates organizations and help maintain better customer retention, with streamlined lead generation and support of revenue streams. Your customers can be facilitated via Dynamics 365 since it connects project, sales and service functions.

  • Sales process automation

Not only Dynamics 365 benefits the cloud operations team, but Dynamics 365 can facilitate marketing team in planning, designing and deploying entire marketing campaigns.  Customers can be made aware of Relationship Analytics and so wasted sales and marketing can be cut down.

  • Better integration

The core benefits of Dynamics 365 lie within the connection of various tools that Dynamics 365 has to offer and the knowledge of cloud operations team on how to utilize this combination to move the business forward. Once the team is aware of how Dynamics 365 is integrated with other Microsoft Products, it’ll be able to utilize from the segregated data repositories and create robust reporting mechanism beneficial for business.

  • Less overhead of infrastructure

With a cloud-based CRM such as Dynamics 365, there is reduced CapEx for the customers since there is less up gradations and patching required and server CRM lifecycle management is eradicated in the first place. Fewer infrastructures overhead means less budget spending on infrastructure maintenance by the cloud business operation team.

  • Streamlined management

Dynamics 365 brings together multiple ERM and HR related functions all in a unified platform which makes customers happy with their own customized dashboard. So, employees can have what they need daily on their dashboards and drop off what they don’t need each day.

MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft Dynamics 365

MachPanel is a robust platform for cloud automation and cloud business lifecycle management. It implements all operations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Server/Dynamics CRM 2016/2015/2013/2011/4.0 together with support for ADFS 3.0 and also enables the enterprise to work efficiently and more productively. For a smart approach, it implements easy billing, provisioning and management of Microsoft CRM Services to your hosted services platform. This gives you a streamlined experience for your cloud business with features such as Enable/Disable CRM Organization, CRM Organization creation/deletion, CRM organization/user/roles management etc.

Get your hands on MachPanel for a smooth flow of business operations ideal for a progressive business.

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