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Towards better Dynamics 365 customer engagement with O365


Microsoft has taken Dynamics 365 customer engagement to the next level by introducing various Dynamics 365 modules and features. At the same time, Office 365 has emerged as a complete collaboration system that caters for the modern-day business needs.

Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 can provide a more powerful and rich business collaboration experience for a standard unification of processes to provide comprehensive, more secure, and more efficient customer handling.

How can Dynamics 365 customer engagement be enhanced with Office 365 integration?

There are multiple ways to make the most out of both Microsoft products. Combining benefits of office 365 for business and Dynamics 365 customer engagement can create a more powerful resource for your business.

  • Better interactions with customers

With Office 365 and Dynamics 365, salespeople within the company can handle customers and take actions on important data seamlessly. The overall efficiency of the system working together reduces response time for the customers and results in better customer responses.

  • Time-saving in-app switching

App switching costs the business, especially the sales department, a lot but it is often left ignored. With Office 365 + Dynamics 365 combo, you get to save time with less app switching and thus improve productivity. A disconnected system always leads to unproductive business operations. Thus with Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 integration, redundant administrative tasks are avoided.

  • Improved collaboration and communication

Using Dynamics 365, you can get a broadened view of Organizational visibility. Office 365 and Dynamics 365 integration results in a one-window where all the major and important information regarding any project and its customers is compiled. This way, the sales team can be clear on the internal matters within the company on the specified subject.

  • Easy reporting

Integration between Office 365 and Dynamics 365 comes in handy while companies struggle for easy and streamlined reporting. With this approach, you can expect a free flow of data within the entire company for better growth and overall productivity.

  • Improved user adoption

Since the sales team can get their hands on relevant information with convenience. The best part is: it requires no additional training. With this, the sales team can get better insights from customer’s data and provide better user adoption of the company’s services.

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MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & CRM

MachPanel is your next up automation tool for a variety of dynamic services. Its Automation Module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & CRM keeps all your billing and provisioning streamlined. In addition to the CRM Services on a hosted platform in the cloud, it provides features for CRM Organization creation/deletion, Enable/Disable CRM Organization, CRM organization/user/roles management, reporting, etc. which lets the organization make better business decisions and eases the amount of work needed for the purpose. With MachPanel, business productivity is bound to increase and so CSPs are able to scale up their cloud business like never before.

So, here’s your chance to get MachPanel with the best features at affordable rates for a better cloud business journey.

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